l young man with a slumped body and a rapier in both hands rushed into the cabin with a gloomy expression.

l young man with a slumped body and a rapier in both hands rushed into the cabin with a gloomy expression.
Looking around and seeing Helena, who was well-dressed even though her clothes were shabby, his expression relaxed, he strode to the girl’s side, and said loudly and excitedly: “Helena, I feel relieved to see that you are okay. Don’t worry.” Worry, the suffering is over, I have brought the fleet to rescue you…” In the cabin
/of Chapter 428, ‘Calculation’
, Helena saw clearly the face of the tall young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. Helena’s eyes widened and she put her hands down. In his chest, his breathing accelerated, and he murmured in a trance: “Is it you, Van der Sar, is it really you…
God bless me, I’m not, I’m not dreaming, after all, I’m about to die, all you see is In the last beautiful illusion of life, you really came to me…”
“You didn’t dream about Helena, I was right in front of you, right next to you, right next to you…” The tall young man seemed to touch her with his hands. The sun was crystal clear, and like fleeting dewdrops, he gently and carefully touched the girl’s face. He held back tears and stammered, and in the end he was speechless and choked… The
This touching and beautiful scene broke the hearts of others, but left the corridor in awe. Zhang Lisheng, who was on the board, felt that it was “bloody”. He couldn’t help but feel his scalp numb. He curled his lips and planned to go to the deck to see what happened. As soon as he took a step forward, he was attacked by two men with round hats on their heads and holding scimitars. The samurai blocked the way, “Sir, please don’t walk around casually for the time being.”
young man was stunned and looked at the people who were already hunched over and standing in the entire corridor. The round-hatted warrior was about to say something when he suddenly heard Anita not far away, whose face turned red with surprise. “The guard of the Downton family, that is Mr. Li Sheng, he comes from the Frost Continent. The monk who saved us from the prison of the Hellmen.
I also asked him to rescue Helena this time. Don’t stop him.”
The two round-hatted guards standing in front of Zhang Lisheng knew what to say. Although the young man was dressed in rags like a beggar, he was actually the young master of the Bai Feili family. He couldn’t help but cast his eyes on the leader.
/A man who was nearly middle-aged and short in stature but gave people a feeling of being as cold and majestic as an iceberg was standing guard in front of the cabin door. He looked at each other and said expressionlessly: “Didn’t you hear Master Anita?” If so, get out of the way.”
“Yes, Lord West.” The two round-hatted guards hurriedly got out of the way. Zhang Lisheng said with a smile, “Thank you.”, and continued to the direct deck. He walked up the stairs, but was stopped by Anita when he passed by, “Mr. Lisheng, we are saved, you know, we are saved…”
“Master Anita, you can tell by the posture of these people, they are going to Otherwise, we have e