rse in the face of criticism, people who are truly rational and self-respecting will undoubtedly resonate more with others.

rse in the face of criticism, people who are truly rational and self-respecting will undoubtedly resonate more with others.
After hearing these words, Xi Tu, who had a slightly rough personality, stood up very formally and bowed, “I feel very ashamed, Dr. Tubalin. Compared to you, I am obviously more like an uneducated barbarian. Please forgive me.”
This young New Yorker from a distinguished family had received formal etiquette education, and once his speech went through his brain, he appeared to be very well-educated.
“Oh, even God will forgive young people for making mistakes, let alone me.”
Shitu’s small unintentional mistake was perfectly compensated, and then the waiter began to serve the dishes, and the atmosphere of the dinner became more and more harmonious.
Among the diners, only Tina seemed absent-minded all the time. After eating the appetizer and main course, she hurriedly apologized and left the table, strode out of the restaurant, and dialed Zhang Lisheng’s phone number again.
“Zhang Lisheng, the direct bus from Tuyi Kano to Lunuk City is only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. How do you explain it?” There was
silence on the other end of the phone. “Okay, I don’t take the bus, but use some kind of A special tool. I accidentally lost my way while walking in the jungle and ended up in Lunuk by mistake.”
“A special tool,” Tina was stunned and shouted, “What special tool can take you to Lunuk in just a few hours? , traveling hundreds of kilometers through the Amazon rainforest!”
“Keep your voice down, Tina, and don’t make any noise so that the whole world will know.
Do you remember, I have some little secrets of my own.
Don’t ask too much, when it’s your turn to see it, You will see it naturally.”
“Li Sheng, it’s hard for me to believe your words with such vagueness.
Maybe you didn’t leave Tuikano at all, but went to hang out somewhere in the city. You are
sixteen years old, or you should be now He is considered a seventeen-year-old boy, oh, really…” Tina said deliberately.
/“It’s okay if you think so.
I’m having dinner, so I won’t talk to you anymore. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Zhang Lisheng didn’t accept her provocation at all, and casually untied the 100-meter piece of money wrapped around his finger. ‘Jelly Stone’ and hung up the phone.
After the jelly stone was untied, it slowly turned into an oval shape.
/Zhang Lisheng was sitting on the bed in the guest room of the Green Forest Hotel. While eating a hamburger, he carefully studied this strange piece of rubber. In the end, he found nothing, so he patted it into a pancake and stuck it on his wrist. After turning off the light, he took out the piece of rubber from his backpack. Toad, began to practice Tantric Dharma.
There are many examples of foreign tourists who come to Tatetutu who have tried the daily life of indigenous people, but obviously not many can successfully adapt. The front desk lady wearing a grass skirt politely reminded: “Sir, if you are not pressed for time, If so, of course you can try