t at the same time, Old Alchemist Liu raised his hand, and among the immeasurable divine flowers, the crimson alchemy furnace appeared. Then, in Old Alchemy Master Liu’s broad sleeves and robes, there were holes shining with abundant spiritual light. Several elixirs were submerged into the elixir flame.

“I’m new to this place, so I can’t help you when it’s time for you. My little friend, I’ll give you the icing on the cake!”
Outside Tianning Road City, in the raging five-color storm.
/The ancient, simple and harmonious five-color bright light shone in the palm of Chu Weiyang’s palm. The bright light will last forever with the development of the Five Elements. Therefore, with the bright light shining through the hole, there was a gap between Chu Weiyang and the five-color jade talisman. The relationship is also maintained for a long time.
The raging storm never cut off this connection, and even Zhou Jin’s powerful magic power could not control it in the slightest.
And with the connection between Qi and Qi, the bright light shining on the five-color jade talisman became stronger with each breath.
After all, earlier, it was only Meng Huaixiang’s five-color spiritual light that appeared through the air, and the spiritual light that was enough to shock the treasure’s foundation was illuminated one after another. What Meng Huaixiang inherited was only the original version of the Five Elements Escape Technique.
Now, the Five Elements Escape Technique mastered by Chu Weiyang has been adjusted. It is the original inheritance of the ancient sect. It not only comes from the same source, but also is a complete reproduction and inheritance.
Therefore, when Chu Weiyang Cave illuminated such aura of Tao and Dharma, with the establishment of a connection between lightning and stone fire, Chu Weiyang seemed to naturally “refine” the jade talisman through the air.
There was no seal pattern or forbidden chain imprinted on it, but at this moment, Chu Weiyang could control the five-color jade talisman from a distance with just the five-color escape light.
In the flash of interweaving and resonance of energy and energy, the rich essence of the five-color jade talisman blossoms without reservation in one breath.
/So, at that same moment, there were fragmented sounds coming out.
But in that place, except for the five-color spiritual light that became increasingly smooth and bright, there was nothing.
But Chu Weiyang understood that it was the sound of Zhou Jin’s embryonic form collapsing.
“how come”
Zhou Jin’s roaring voice earlier seemed to still be swirling in the raging storm, and this almost undetectable and fragmented voice was the last trace left by Zhou Jin’s life in this world.
The collapse of the elixir fetus means that the three elements of energy, energy and spirit collapsed at the same moment.
That is actual death.
In the end, as expected, in silence, the blood mist rising all over the sky became the reflection of the fragmented sound. Then, the five-color spiritual light leaped up, and the majestic aura of the f