t Pole that few people know about. All changes.

Therefore, when the two things were connected into one thing in Chu Weiyang’s eyes due to Chu Weiyang’s divine induction, the Taoist felt a rare uneasy feeling in his heart.
This feeling of restlessness silently urged Chu Weiyang to stop his short and leisurely rest and to gain more cultivation benefits in a more urgent manner.
For others, even with such a sense of heaven, it may only be a short-term restlessness, but for Chu Weiyang, who once escaped from the Demon Suppressing Cave, any slight crisis Feeling is enough to teach Chu Weiyang to go all out.
This is Chu Weiyang’s belief that he can live here!
/And it was precisely because of this change in his mood that he taught Chu Weiyang to take the initiative to stop observing the prosperous situation in the distance.
Stepping on the five-color spiritual light, he flew through the sky in the turbulent flow of Sumeru. For a moment, Chu Weiyang further pulled the power of Sumeru. In the next moment, his figure disappeared again. among.
A world of trial, in darkness and silence.
Chu Weiyang’s figure appeared, and along with the figure of the Taoist standing in the middle, suddenly, the only dim yellow color in the darkness and silence suddenly appeared in the circle of uncertainty, and its light was about to flourish. Then, the colorful stars should be revealed in the expansion.
But at this moment, Chu Weiyang raised his hand.
On the one hand, it relies on the continuous energy connection of the Five Yun Tianluo Umbrella.
On the other side, sword seals and seal patterns suddenly appeared in front of Chu Weiyang.
The artistic conception of the flow of life and death is very harmonious, and the twenty-four righteous sword seals intertwined in it are perfect in the current state.
Of course, if you look at the so-called “true shape diagram” that has been intertwined with the sword seal at this time, it will appear to be too simple.
This is more like Chu Weiyang’s scribbling.
In fact, putting together such a “true shape diagram” in a single thought did not consume Chu Weiyang’s too much energy.
Just like in the past, the “stream” belonging to the Thunder Dao method was drawn from the vast and colorful galaxy. At this moment, as long as it illuminates the sword’s intention, as long as it can barely be regarded as the outline of the “true shape diagram” , which is enough for Chu Weiyang.
as expected.
Almost at the moment when such a “true shape picture” was revealed, with the interweaving and resonance of aura, almost instantly, the dim yellow aura that was originally flourishing suddenly stopped abruptly, and then it suddenly stopped. Then, all changes deviated from their original trajectory.
The next moment, the dim yellow aura expanded, and the original colorful galaxy once again became some kind of background hanging in the distant sky, and what really lay in front of Chu Weiyang, showing its true charm, was an interlaced “Streams” of various sword energies.
Whether it is his combat power that surpasses t