cultivators were smelted away in a very short period of time, the torrent of gray-black smoke and dust has not diminished at all, and has even become more turbulent to a certain extent!

This is the main force behind Chu Weiyang’s use of demonic thoughts to refine his sword intention!
The memory fragments that belong to Mr. Fan of the Shenxiao Sect have been exhausted in the long years. Mr. Fan of the Shenxiao Sect is really stationed in the Dantai realm, and he has to live to the limit of his lifespan, especially in the past years. When the foundation of Qi Shen and Taoism was still at its peak, after it was clear that there was no hope of enlightenment, Fan Laojin of the Shenxiao Sect was doing things that had nothing to do with practice in the very long years to come.
/It is precisely because of this that these pure memory fragments become more and more numerous.
As for those extremely scattered memory fragments, Chu Weiyang still had to extract the timing from them, and finally fell back into Tao and Dharma!
Xu Chuweiyang’s handling of Mr. Fan’s memory fragments in this way is the best consolation for Mr. Fan of the Shenxiao Sect who has lost his soul and has been struggling to achieve enlightenment.
At the same time, in the quiet room wrapped by the power of Sumeru.
Behind the screen, Qinghe slowly played “White Jade Flute Music”. The tune was melodious and graceful, and in the echo of the mysterious music, there was Shi Yuting’s graceful and lonely figure in gauze.
However, the more deserted it is, the more it causes people to have some unwarranted desires.
Of course, if you look carefully, you can still see that in the past, Shi Yuting had never even looked carefully at this set of “Jinghong Dance”. Now that he has practiced it countless times, maybe he can Grasp the meaning and character, but there are always differences in some details, and there are often flaws and flaws.
But this is for someone like Shi Yuting, who is extremely passionate about dance, and perhaps for someone as rough as Chu Weiyang, when they see this amazing dancing figure, they can’t help but be moved. It’s time to put your palms together and praise “wonderful, wonderful, wonderful”!
Of course, I may have to set off this graceful and beautiful scene, search through my past life memories, and find poems to respond to it. I think it can be done.
The colorful sleeves hold the jade bell diligently. Back then, I struggled but was drunk and beautiful. Dancing low to the moon in the heart of the willow tower, singing to the wind under the peach blossom fan.
After seeing each other again, we meet again. I have the same dream with you several times. I only have a few silver photos left tonight, as if I was afraid that the meeting would be a dream.
At this moment, Shi Yuting, who was still dancing freely to the “White Jade Flute Music”, suddenly stopped there.
After seeing the change in Shi Yuting’s figure, the sound of Qing He’s flute suddenly stopped behind the screen.
“What’s wrong, Master? This time, I don’t see any discrepanc