ao Yingchrome bit her lip and turned to look at Jiang Kui: “What’s yours?”

Jiang Kui smiled and said: “I work in a coffee shop. It seems that I will be the girl in the coffee shop today. How about you?”
Zhao Yingke smiled and said, “I’m about the same as you. We go to work in a clothing store. Let’s talk about what our tasks are.”
Chen Zhiyu said: “I am a good person.”
Everyone laughed.
Jiang Kui’s face turned dark. This was her wolf-blasting speech last night: “Werewolf killing is crazy, you are serious!”
Chen Zhiyu shrugged: “Bookstore attendant.”
Sun Yaohuo interrupted: “They are all waiters, but I am different. I want to sing on the street.”
Xia Fan sighed: “I envy you so much. Your tasks are so easy. I am working as a kindergarten teacher for a day. I have many younger brothers and sisters at home, so I know very well that raising children is really a daunting task. Director, is there anyone here who likes children? Can you switch with me?”
Tong Shuwen nodded: “As long as both parties agree.”
Wei Haoyun looked at Xia Fan with a grimace and said, “I want to hand out flyers on the street, how about we switch?”
When Xia Fan heard this, he shook his head quickly. He was too tired to hand out leaflets: “It’s a bit hot today. I won’t change it with you. What does it mean?”
Xia Fan looked at Lin Yuan.
Lin Yuan said calmly: “Go to an Internet cafe and become a network administrator.”
Xia Fan was so happy when he heard this: “Excuse me, I’ll be the network manager!”
Lin Yuan and Xia Fan exchanged task cards.
at the same time.
Jiang Kui’s eyes suddenly lit up: “Is it still possible to change it? Do you want Zhao Yingchrome to change it with me? I don’t like coffee very much, I like tea!”
“That’s it.”
Zhao Yingke sighed and reluctantly said, “Then you go sell clothes, and I will be the coffee girl for you.”
While talking.
The two exchanged each other’s mission cards.
the other side.
Sun Yaohuo and Chen Zhiyu looked at each other: “Should we change?”
Their demands are very similar.
Chen Zhiyu said: “I like singing, whether on the street or on stage.”
/Sun Yaohuo said, “I could have accepted it originally, but my throat felt uncomfortable today, so I wanted to work in the bookstore.”
Everyone seems to prefer other people’s work.
When Jiang Kui took the lead in unfolding the work card in his hand, his mentality suddenly collapsed!
Jiang Kui pointed at Zhao Yingchrom angrily: “You’re a big liar. You promised to work in a clothing store. This task card clearly says that you will work as a housekeeper in a resident’s home!”
/clothing store
Housekeeping nanny
Can these two be the same concept?
Everyone burst into laughter: “Jiang Kui, you were fooled by Zhao Yingke for several rounds last night when you played Werewolf. How could you still be fooled today? Zhao Yingke, you are the same. You are just bullying Jiang Kui, an honest person.”
“She is an honest person!?”
There was no trace of pride on Zhao Yingchrome’s face, and she angrily showed Jiang Kui