ing birds flew over.

He couldn’t get close, but that wasn’t a problem. After making the last attempt, Wei Xiaobei retreated to the passage where the flame birds couldn’t see.
Since these flame birds are real creatures, it’s easy to handle.
The Splendid Skin is activated!
As this ability was activated, a three-dimensional image of Wei Xiaobei’s own whole body appeared in Wei Xiaobei’s mind.
As Wei Xiaobei’s thoughts turned around, the image in his mind quickly changed, gradually turning from a human into a bird made of flames.
At the same time, Wei Xiaobei’s body also rapidly changed under the influence of Jinxiu Skin.
Of course, the painful part of this change is that you can clearly feel that your body is constantly deforming, from bones to muscles and everything in between.
It has to be said that the gap between the appearance of the Flame Bird and Wei Xiaobei’s image is quite big, so much so that it took nearly an hour and a half for Wei Xiaobei’s body to completely transform.
Well, the physical changes also consume the maintenance time of the Splendid Skin.
But it doesn’t matter, the remaining hour and a half is enough for Wei Xiaobei’s plan.
Well, Wei Xiaobei took out a mirror from the storage ring and looked at his current image.
Under the influence of the Splendid Skin, his body changed perfectly, very similar to the reference object Wei Xiaobei chose, the Flame Oriole.
But it’s not without problems, and the only problem is that Wei Xiaobei’s body size has become a bit bigger after his transformation.
Imagine a flaming oriole about the size of a human.
This is also a helpless thing. Although this splendid skin can be perfectly transformed into a reference object, Wei Xiaobei’s body size cannot be reduced or enlarged.
There is another problem, that is, the pair of flame wings transformed by Wei Xiaobei cannot be used. They are just decorations. Of course, in fact, Wei Xiaobei’s entire flame body is just decorations. It does not have the high temperature of the flame bird, and even If you reach out and touch it, you can still feel the body, not the flame body like the flame bird that you can reach through.
However, this is already very good. The Splendid Skin is not Sun Wukong’s seventy-two transformations. It is just a deformation of Wei Xiaobei’s body. At the same time, it uses special effects to confuse the eyes of other creatures and cannot possess any of the other’s abilities.
It didn’t matter whether he could fly or not. After Wei Xiaobei got used to his new body, he moved his two bird legs and jumped down from the passage.
That’s right, because Wei Xiaobei’s transformation into a giant flaming oriole was not used to the body of this kind of bird, after jumping twice, it fell down from the passage.
Most of his head plunged directly into the lava lake.
The movement caused by Wei Xiaobei immediately attracted the attention of the group of flame birds.
/Whoops, a group of flame birds flew over, looking at Wei Xiaobei with great curiosity, as if trying to guess what was going on wit