“Let’s beat Hengshan Hall first and then talk about it.” Hu Jing said with a smile. Judging from her peaceful attitude, it was obvious that she had gained more insights during this period.
Hengshan Hall’s persecution actually angers the elders. They are arrogant to a certain extent. It is true that they cannot stop them, but no one can stop them from guiding their disciples. No one can allow the master to give his disciples magic weapons, right?
/Hengshan Hall is equivalent to making wedding clothes for Zhang Xiaojiang and Hu Jing.
“Hehe, with my golden wire bow and Jingjing’s ice and fire talisman, it will definitely be enough for them to drink a pot, haha.” Zhang Xiaojiang said proudly, “Brother Meng, Xiaojing is the rare water and fire among the five elements. With a rebellious physique, you can use the fire talisman and the ice soul talisman at the same time, and the power does not conflict. Haha, Hengshantang will have a better time this time!”
“Don’t listen to Zhang Xiaopang’s nonsense. Even though there is an additional ice soul talisman, it is only an additional attack method.” Hu Jing was not busy and optimistic. Generally speaking, opponents might be in a hurry when faced with two attack talismans with opposite powers, but when encountering a master Not necessarily.
“Fire and water are incompatible. Xiaojing’s two powers will explode when combined. The power is unparalleled. You have to be careful!”
Wang Meng said in surprise.
“Haha, my five elements belong to water and fire, so when I activate my energy, the conflict can be reversed, so don’t worry.”
Hu Jing smiled and said, Wang Meng is an outsider, that’s why he said this. Of course, most people would think so.
“Oh, I’m relieved then, but that power would be awesome if it could be used for attack, haha.”
Wang Meng laughed.
“How is that possible, Brother Meng? Even Jingjing’s special physique can’t do it. The five elements’ mutual restraint has not changed.” Zhang Xiaopang shook his head and said. Recently, under Wan Jing’s guidance, he has made a lot of progress.
Wang Meng smiled and said nothing, while Hu Jing on the side was thoughtful.
“Seeing that you are full of confidence, I have to work harder. I can’t lose the face of our Lei Guangtang!”
“Brother Meng, who can beat you in fighting?”
After the three of them chatted for a while, Wang Meng went to see Ma Tian’er as usual. Junior sister Ma was very laid-back and didn’t feel pressured by a battle at all. This was why Wang Meng came to see her. It was obvious that Ma Tian’er was not very interested in fighting. , has a relatively easy-going personality. This time I asked her to go just to make up the numbers, and there was no intention of letting her play.
/Even so, after all, Wang Meng was helping, so it was unreasonable to see Wang Meng pass through the door. He was relieved to see that Ma Tianer’s mood was not affected by the war, but the senior sisters looked at him as a class enemy.
With the hall war imminent, Zhang Liang’s recent attention has been mainly on Li Tianyi. After man