reasonable, how could this happen, tsk tsk, damn it!”

“Master, what’s wrong?”
Only then did Yang Qi wake up from his state and glanced at Pang Hong. “Someone is here to play. He’s a master. Pang Hong, tell me what’s going on.”
“Master. It’s like this. In the morning, a young man who wanted to join our artifact pavilion as an apprentice came and took a bunch of demon ropes and wanted to practice on his own. I felt soft-hearted for a moment.”
Pang Hong knew that he, a master with a sharp tongue and a soft heart, admired ambitious young people the most, so he could only start from here.
But Yang Qi’s face exploded like a firecracker, “Apprentice, you look like this, this guy’s level is higher than mine, young man? In the entire Divine Artifact Pavilion, there is no one under fifty years old who can achieve this level. !”
The saliva splashed all over Pang Hong’s face, but he didn’t dare to wipe it off. How good was it?
Is this also called standard? More awesome than Master? That guy who drank too much?
“Master. Master is a young man.” Xie Xian said cautiously at the side.
“What???” Yang Qi was shocked, “How old does it look?”
“Twenty years old at most, and he really said he wanted to join our artifact pavilion, so he brought a bunch of tatters to bind the demon rope.” Xie Xian couldn’t figure out what was going on.
“Twenty-year-old weapon-refining master???” Yang Qi was dumbfounded that he had lived for so long. I’ve never heard of such a thing.
“Where is the other person? What’s his name? Where did he come from!!!”
Yang Qi’s heart went crazy. Damn it, if he recruits such a person into the Wangcheng Artifact Pavilion, that shameless old man from the Soul Controlling Association can just get out. It was so heavy that he couldn’t even lift his head!
Pang Hong and Xie Xian looked at each other. They didn’t know what the fat sheep was called.
“Look for him. Find him for me. Even if you open up Wangcheng, you have to find him for me!”
Yang Qi roared, a roar of excitement. This must be a self-taught weapon-refining wizard. He can not only unbelievably evolve the magic rope, but also make the lowest stifling mistakes, a wizard!
God, we must find it. The opportunity to become famous and famous all over the world has arrived!
/Master Yang’s face is glowing!
At this time, the prodigy brother was drinking tea and chatting with the little girl. Wang Meng was a lively person who liked to have many friends. When he got here, it was really the little Wan’er who was the only one who could talk, and he also learned about the situation of the Jiang family.
/The Jiang family seems to be really in a hurry. The Muhe family is strong, and the newly rising Kun family is coming with force. The Zhe family is obviously also making their own plans. The three young people of the Jiang family actually have good qualifications, but it’s a pity that , Wangcheng is now the focus of competition, and local influence alone is not enough. This is also the reason why the Jiang family went to Haojing for help, but they did not expect to b