we still regarded Qin Qi separately in our hearts. In the final analysis, we are still not united enough. There is still a gap between the people of the two places. The officials of the two places are indeed very stingy. The cultural wall is the smallest “Qi’s self-protection strategies”

“Why am I not?”
Zhang Qi smiled bitterly: “Without a political stance, even if this world makes me very nervous, I have to adjust myself. Are you really talking about the singer himself? This is talking about us and everyone in the two places.”
“Each sentence speaks for itself, but what is being sung is actually not myself at all.”
/The voice of an old friend also expressed emotion: “Everyone thinks that everything will be fine after Qin and Qi merge, but no one wants to admit that there are some conflicts between the two places. I can clearly hear the irony in this song. The lyrics and music are very bold. But I love it.”
“How to say?”
“I’ll promote the song.”
“You take care of the official business and leave the music review to me. Songs like this should not be treated as just pop songs. The lyrics and music have already expressed our feelings. We shouldn’t pretend to be deaf and dumb.”
“As it should be.”
After hanging up the phone.
Zhang Qi opened the computer document and couldn’t help but type this line with excitement: “What needs to change is the world or us as individuals. After the great integration of Blue Star, what should everyone do? Listen to this song, maybe You will learn something.”
Official recommendation requires preparation.
Music reviews need to be reviewed.
As noon approaches during the day, May’s new song list takes shape.
King Fei Ge occupied the championship without much suspense.
Because he really beat the other two first-line singers on the list.
as expected.
At the same time that the list came out, the topic “Chen Zhiyu’s second child in ten thousand years” quickly became a hot topic in the tribal search!
The heat is rising!
Breaking into the top ten in the blink of an eye, and continuing to move towards the top three!
Even passers-by who were originally indifferent to this joke were speechless this time.
“Easy, just defeat Xianyu three times. These three songs were all written by Xianyu.”
“As the old saying goes, nothing matters more than three things, and there is no problem with the result. It is true that nothing matters more than three things, but Chen Zhiyu did not continue to lose to Xianyu. This time he lost to the singing king Fei Yang.”
“The funniest thing is that this time Chen Zhiyu’s song was written for him by Xianyu.”
“What kind of luck is this? It’s too metaphysical!”
“When I heard the news, I burst out laughing!”
/“I feel sorry for Chen Zhiyu, come on Chen Zhiyu and protect the best second brother in the world!”
“Second brother, hold on!”
Probably because Chen Zhiyu, the second oldest brother in the world, has become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, many netizens directly jokingly call Chen Zhiyu the “second brother”.
The “two” in Wannia