before, her opponent’s ranking was still higher than his own.

This result is not surprising. It would be unreasonable if he only beat Abigail once and could be ranked higher than her opponent.
The other party has been in the music scene for many years, and he even had a back-and-forth with Yang Zhongming in the early days!
With such an awesome character, Lin Yuan must defeat him several times to prove his (system’s) ability!
Good sign, 8888889999989
Lin Yuan’s mood suddenly relaxed when he saw this.
This is not much different from Lin Yuan’s expected ranking.
His mother’s reaction just now almost made him think he had rolled over.
In fact, being in the top eight is not too low. This ranking is not due to Xianyu’s qualifications.
The main reason is that there are many music dads in this world whose abilities are actually comparable to those at the top of the global music scene.
Lu Sheng also broke into the top ten and became the glorious goalkeeper of the Blue Star Music Chart!
This way.
In the Blue Star Music Chart alone, three people from Qinzhou broke into the top ten!
“Scared me!”
“Isn’t Xianyu in the top ten?”
“I don’t know why you are so disappointed, Mom.”
“Don’t even look at how powerful these people on the list are.”
“Brother is already very powerful!”
The family members discussed excitedly.
Lin Yuan was silently summarizing the situation on the music charts.
But Qinzhou is not bad either.
Fully three people are on the list.
It happened to be the leader that Qinzhou sent to participate in the Blue Music Club:
Weizhou and Chuzhou each have one person on the list.
But this is only the distribution of personnel in the top ten.
If you look at the top 100, you will find that the list is still dominated by Qu Dad from Zhongzhou and Qinzhou.
Take a deep breath.
Lin Yuan secretly thought: “Next year’s Xianyu Concert will be a great success, and it should cause some changes in the top ten.”
And when Lin Yuan summarized the music list.
on the global network.
All continents have been boiling because of the changes in the three major lists and those first-level lists!
Painting circle.
“Shadow finally succeeded in ascending to the throne and was crowned king. Among the three top rankings, he is the only one in the field that has changed its dynasty!”
/“The only painter in Blue Star is born!”
“Unless any of the following painters can explore the realm of painting soul, I’m afraid they will never be able to transcend the shadow in the process of painting in this life.”
“This is obviously a change of scenery.”
“Those painting textbooks should ask Shadow for drafts.”
“Ever since the exhibition, I knew that this moment would eventually come, but seeing the shadow reach the top still makes me feel like I have witnessed an era.”
“This is not a painting, this is epoch-making.”
Writers Circle.
“The goalkeeper Xu Ping didn’t keep the goal.”
“Now the pressure is on Chu Kuang, he is the new goalkeeper of the writers list.”
“I am very worried about Xu Ping and others now.”
“Chu Kuang,