l him, and the magic weapon he offered was also in tatters. It was a large cover that leaked air everywhere, and was carved with nine golden dragons.

Cuihua Sect Leader worshiped the tattered Nine Dragon Cover, turned it into nine fire dragons, and killed the fleeing strong men from all walks of life. He said angrily: “In the past, you so-called righteous monks came to the ancestral court, and you could come and leave as you pleased. Kill whoever you want, even Chu Tiandu, the disciple of Little Heavenly Lord, has been challenged by you many times in the Holy Land of my ancestral court. However, it can’t be done now!”
There was also a master from an unknown sect, and the magic weapon he offered was a tattered glass bottle, with only the bottom of the bottle left, half filled with water.
The woman sacrificed half a bottle of water, and poured half of the water out, which turned out to be a sea, trapping a strong man in the nectar world together with the immortal weapon. She sneered: “We used to be cowardly turtles, but now we dare to fight back.” Got it!”
All of a sudden, all the masters from all walks of life in the ancestral court came out, and even the gods and demons enshrined in the temples also went out to intercept and kill the masters from all realms who escaped.
They have long been dissatisfied with the heavens and the world of immortals. The reason why they dare not move and allow others to bully them is that the ancestral court is leaderless, and the power of the heavens and worlds is great. The ancestral court is no opponent. If they anger others, they will lead to trouble. To bring about genocide.
The Ancestral Court is full of abnormal areas of the Immortal Path, which are extremely dangerous. To all the heavens and worlds, it is a place where birds can’t shit. There is no need to capture it. We usually eliminate demons and defend the way, just kill a few demons, and then leave, so as not to capture the ancestral palace.
But if the Ancestral Court fights back and kills all the Qi Refiners who invade the Ancestral Court, then all the heavens and the immortal world will probably come to the city and massacre the Ancestral Court.
However, this was the past.
Now Little Tianzun is facing off against the heroes of the heavens and defeating the Immortal King, giving them great confidence.
This is the role of a leader!
The surviving masters from all over the world fled quickly and fled to the outside world. They were repeatedly attacked and intercepted on the way. In the past, when they entered the ancestral court, everyone in the ancestral court was very docile except for some masters who dared to challenge them. But now, these people actually dare to resist!
/There were more and more attacks and killings against them, and more and more casualties. Everyone was in panic, and they only regretted that their parents didn’t have more legs.
Outside Hunyuan Palace, Xu Ying raised his head and saw Little Tianzun slowly descending from the sky and inserting the halberd outside the palace.
Xu Ying praised