c current roared like a volcanic eruption, and the thunder and electric wave rushed upwards almost like a spurt. Not only were the nine flame dragons scattered, but also Su Xin, who was smashed to death with the stick. He was the first to bear the brunt and was almost knocked upside down by the fierce thunder.

“Roar” With a breathtaking dragon roar, the green dragon swung out from the spout of thunder. However, it did not pounce on any of Su Xin, Li Zhe, and Li Liehuo, but carried an astonishing wave of energy. With high speed and ferocity, he launched a desperate charge towards Zhu Peng in the distance.
The four words “Desperate Charge” are worthy of the name, because Qinglong Yuanshen instinctively felt that if the man in front of him who burst out with terrifying attack power did not die, he would definitely lose. If he could successfully strangle him, no matter what he did, he would be defeated. The price is worth it, no matter from which aspect.
The Thunder Dragon, the Eastern Green Dragon, has a speed and ferocity that is indescribable to ordinary people. According to Zhu Peng, there is a unique set of sword-controlling skills in the higher immortal realm, which is called: “Thunder Sword Technique”. , accurate, stable, ruthless, all four are combined, making the sword as fast as thunder and unstoppable. Even if he can barely block and parry, he will be extremely passive and lose all his momentum.
It’s just that although Zhu Peng was a little tired, he was well prepared. Faced with the fierce dragon that was rushing towards him, even though the opponent was almost lightning fast, Zhu Peng calmly pushed away the delusional dragon blocking him. Zhu Sansan in front of him waved his left robe sleeve naturally, without the slightest hint of fireworks, just with a natural wave of his hand.
A faint purple spirit floated forward with a swirling wind. Compared with the world-destroying strike, those slight power fluctuations were so weak that they were almost nothing at all. However, this move was just another one of Zhu Peng’s killing techniques. : “There is nothing in one’s sleeves.”
It doesn’t have to be large to confuse the opponent’s sense of time and space. As long as it’s just right, it’s a killer technique. It’s also the essence of the move “Nothing in the Sleeve”. As the essence of this move is gradually completed, Zhu Peng performs this move. There is gradually no more fireworks, unlike in the past where there was always a whirlpool of purple flames. Although it is majestic and majestic, it also consumes a lot of real energy.
/It was impossible for the fierce Qinglong to retreat from the wind blown by Zhu Peng’s sleeves, but when it really encountered that wind, Qinglong Yuanshen felt regretful.
The reason is very simple. It kept charging at a high speed and suddenly lost its balance. After the faint purple wind whirled, Qinglong’s sense of time and space suddenly became chaotic. When it reacted, it found that it was facing the top corner of the man. It had already shifted, and what was even more terribl