eng did so many things before the start of the “plot”, and there was still some butterfly effect after all. For example, the rising strength of the Huashan Sword Sect undoubtedly gave Yue Buqun excess confidence, or maybe he wanted to rely on a few people. A cruel and bloody battle to enhance the blood soul cultivator’s sense of belonging to the sect.

All in all, in the original plot of “The Swordsman”, Yue Buqun, who was supposed to be completely perfunctory with Lin Pingzhi, really took the blood feud for Lin Pingzhi this time and sent troops to attack Qingcheng Mountain. For a time, the two major sword sects were divided. There were clouds of war, and several tentative encounters were bloody. It was under this situation that Zhu Peng broke out and re-entered the big game of fighting for world hegemony.
“Mom, I don’t want to go. I have to practice swordsmanship with Xiao Linzi later. There are a lot of people there with Brother Ninth Brother. If you go more, I won’t be too much. If you leave me, it won’t be too much, Mom.”
Chapter 743 Buxu Ceremony, no choice
“Mom, I don’t want to go. I have to practice swordsmanship with Xiao Linzi later. His swordsmanship is so embarrassing, hehe.
/Moreover, there are so many flatterers in Brother Ninth Brother’s place. If you take one more of me, it won’t be too much. If you take one less of me, it will be a lot, mother.”
Yue Lingshan swung Ning Zhongze’s arm with both hands, and said such coquettish nicknames. The mother and daughter were both beautiful and charming, but compared to Ning Zhongze’s charm and maturity, Yue Lingshan still had something unique about a young girl. The simplicity and beauty.
However, it was because of this innocence and beauty that Yue Lingshan could not see the light and shadow that flashed in her mother’s eyes when she mentioned Lin Ping.
Ning Zhongze has regarded Linghu Chong as his half son or even son-in-law for so many years, and Linghu Chong is indeed a smart and filial good man. He is also worthy of his master’s mother’s emotional investment in him. Linghu Chong always had a very deep feeling for the entire Huashan Sect.
However, such a good boy who had known each other for a hundred years went astray, and then Lin Pingzhi suddenly intervened. Before Ning Zhong could feel his heartache, Lin Pingzhi had already used his good looks and agreeableness to get along with him. Fuck Yue Lingshan.
Passionate girls are always more ruthless, so Yue Lingshan quickly erased her pain of losing her senior brother and her slight admiration for her ninth senior brother (Zhu Peng), and devoted herself directly to the sweetness of Lin Pingzhi’s deliberate flattery.
It’s just that this rapid change undoubtedly makes Ning Zhongze very unhappy. The ancient Chinese rituals that are commonly used among monks in the spiritual world are often not used in female cultivators. The word “passionate” is often not used, and they quickly fall in love with multiple men. To put it more seriously, it is: “water-based”.
“My daughter is a playboy?”
How could Ning Z