them for long.”

Pei Du ordered people to prepare a car and said quickly, “The temptation of immortality is too great, and there are people who are adding fuel to the flames. I am afraid that some of these clan elders will not be able to help but attack you. If I go to the palace to meet the saint, I will definitely be trapped in the palace. , although you won’t die, you can’t leave the palace. The Pei family is not safe, and the Yuan family is probably not safe either. I will send you to the Guo Mansion!”
Xu Ying followed him and hurriedly got into the car, which immediately drove out of Pei Mansion and hurried towards Guo Mansion.
Pei Du said guiltily: “This matter has spread from the Pei Mansion, and it will soon spread to the ears of other aristocratic families. In the entire city of God, the only one who can resist the temptation of immortality is the Guo family. Guo Mansion It’s safer than anywhere else!”
Xu Ying met his eyes and asked, “Don’t you want Prime Minister Pei to make me into a medicine for longevity?”
Pei Du said: “If you are that immortal person, from ancient times to the present, there are countless people who want to make you into a medicine for longevity. I am afraid there are countless forces more powerful than my Pei family. Where are they now? I am I didn’t see them, I just saw Your Excellency sitting in front of me.”
Xu Ying sighed, looked out the window, and said quietly: “I don’t know who I am.”
He couldn’t help but recall the gentle voice in his mind: “Promise, promise. Remember your last name, and don’t forget your first name.”
The Pei family’s chariot was driving on the chariot road transformed by the scent of incense, rushing towards the Guo Mansion. Suddenly, Xu Ying saw a tall figure falling from the sky and landing in front of the chariot.
He was an old Confucian scholar with a solemn and upright character.
“I saw him in the Pei family’s forbidden area!” Xu Ying’s heart moved slightly.
In the caves of the Pei family, there are buried Nuo immortals of the Pei family who only have their skins left. Among them is such an old Confucian scholar. He was not eaten, only his internal organs were eviscerated.
It’s just that the Yuchi secret is hidden about an inch and three minutes below the navel. The entire cultivation of the masters of the Pei family is in the Yuchi secret. After their internal organs are hollowed out, this cultivation will disappear.
What’s more, the soul of this Nuo Immortal of the Pei clan was also eaten, and now what dominates his body is just a trace of residual thoughts.
/Suddenly, another powerful figure descended from the sky, landed on the chariot road, and kept pace with the speeding chariot.
/“The Nuo Immortal appears!”
Someone in the distance exclaimed, “It’s the Nuo Immortals of the Pei family who have reappeared in the world!”
The figures descending from the sky are none other than the Nuo Immortals of the Pei family. According to the outside world, the Nuo Immortals of the Pei family are naturally hidden in the scene, coexisting with the wo