d with fierce artillery fire.

Hundreds of white and black rays of light were seen intertwining into a giant web of death. The two weapons used in war, the light spear and the dark dragon gun, are absolutely very efficient in killing people. One shot can often penetrate seven or eight war saints.
Originally, the War Saint was not so easy to be hit. Unfortunately, this area was crowded with so many people that there was no room to dodge. Only those War Saints who were good at dodging or had good armor could do so. Survive the intense attack.
The giant ship used as a fortress was completely destroyed, and the destruction was very complete. Not only was the thick shell broken into pieces, but all the stones filled inside were also blown away. However, the search and rescue team responsible for manipulating the light spears and dark dragon guns did not One survives.
But compared to the Immortal King’s side, the Holy City’s losses must have been greater.
When a dense crowd encounters siege weapons, a small group of warrior saints are often killed in one shot. In this situation where there was no place to escape, the war saints gathered together were blown into pieces and turned into blood foam. Broken limbs fell from the sky like hailstones.
In the original plan, these giant sea beasts were the main force of the attack. Each giant sea beast had the strength to compete with a dragon. The attack power of nearly a hundred giant sea beasts was quite astonishing.
Almost at the same moment, these giant sea beasts flew into the air. Although there were only more than a hundred in total, the momentum they created was extremely terrifying.
The shortest of these giant sea beasts is nearly a hundred meters long, and the longest can reach several kilometers. Once stretched out, the overwhelming momentum is enough to collapse the warriors at the level of war saints.
Although the barrier in the temple area has been opened, neither the giant sea beast nor the giant ship is suppressed by the barrier. In addition to rays, electric discharges, and various types of breath, the sea beasts’ powerful bodies are also terrifying attack weapons.
The guardians of the Holy City who survived were stunned almost instantly. The attack just now did not make them lose their fighting spirit, but they seemed a little at a loss when facing these giant sea beasts that were huge and difficult to kill.
/Suddenly, a desperate war saint rushed towards a giant one-horned sea snake. With a deafening explosion, a huge wound was blown out of the giant sea snake’s thick body, and blood and flesh flew everywhere from the wound.
This attack method that costs lives is indeed very effective.
This series of self-destructions caused serious damage to the giant sea beasts. Several giant sea beasts fell to the ground with scars due to the continuous self-destruction attacks. But this is also a double-edged sword. Self-destruction does not distinguish between friend and foe, and many guardians of the Holy City were killed in the self-destruction.
The self-destruc