nt ax at a speed visible to the naked eye. The speed became faster and faster. In less than a moment, the entire giant axe was covered with purple. They were all purple, and the purple kept spreading along the muscular man’s arms. But at this moment, countless black and yellow auras hung down from the black and yellow tower, forcibly blowing the purple color to the body. Resisting it outside the physical body, no matter how the purple spreads, it can’t break through the black and yellow aura.

“I am the Overlord Xiang Yu, I am the God of War Chi You, and I am the Supreme Purity Lingbao Tianzun! I am the protagonist in this life! I have great luck and destiny! Who dares to stop me?”
Gong Yeyu’s void resounded through the void, and he saw the clear and clear purple light flashing fiercely, all turning into purple thunder. This thunder was more domineering than the clear light, and followed the black and yellow aura and flowed upstream, turning the black and yellow light. The aura was also dyed purple, but in a moment, even the black and yellow tower turned into a clear purple tower, and then it continued to spread along the body of the muscular giant. Seeing that the entire body of the muscular giant was about to be When it was dyed purple, the muscular man groaned, and the rest of his body immediately split apart, and thirteen black shadows were thrown out in all directions.
But this purple thunder is so domineering that even the flying black shadows are not immune. At least seven of them are stained with purple thunder. Although it is only a slight trace, this trace of purple thunder is like a maggot attached to the bone. No matter what, It couldn’t be driven away, but instead it was gradually eroded by the purple thunder, until the whole body was pure purple, then it expanded and exploded, turning into a ball of purple air, flying towards the purple body of the muscular giant. .
The people on the surrounding spaceships and battleships just widened their eyes. All the changes in front of them were so fast and shocking that they had no time to react. They were still in control of the victory before, and they had clearly defeated the evil star Gong Yeyu. But who knew that the situation would be reversed in an instant. Not only did Gong Yeyu not die, but he actually eroded the twelve capitals of the Heavenly God Evil Formation jointly established by the Thirteen Soul Guards. Who could stop him in this way? he?
“Quick! Self-destruct! Try your best, before he recovers his form, immediately surround all the soul guards and self-destruct!”
“Yes, it’s self-destruction! The soul body is most vulnerable when it has no form. Let’s just fight. We don’t need anything. We also abandoned a few floating cities and self-destructed! If he doesn’t die, we are doomed!”
/“Yes, don’t let them all go. Send two ships, no, all the floating cities up there, and self-destruct to destroy him together!”
From the spaceships and battleships in the distance, there were constant roars. At that moment, countless small spaceships flew out from t