ms that after the soul jumped out of the vast sea, it was slowly baptized in the world of red energy matter and gradually adapted to it.

Of course, this is also related to the end of the extraordinary and the eternal silence of myth. Even the world behind the life soil, the red material is not so “poisonous”.
The reason why he was able to risk his own life and successfully jump out of the hazy sea was because the destructiveness of the red substance was reduced with the advent of a special era.
At the moment, this feeling was really “painful” and happy. He felt the improvement of his own strength and became stronger instantly, but the fire burned the golden body, which felt like peeling off the skin.
Now, he can naturally use magic in the spiritual realm. All the magical powers he had in the past can be used, as if a shackle has been opened, unable to imprison him.
Around him, patches of golden spiritual spears covered him. It was very difficult for him to use the earthly immortal blood mixed with super matter to form a domain, but it was half the result with half the effort, and it could only destroy part of it. Now it has completely changed.
His eyebrows glowed, and the spiritual light bloomed, turning into a sword wheel, and swept out directly, cutting off the divine spears that were stabbing one after another, and turned them into light rain, pouring down.
At the same time, the real weapons, the swords of the gods forged from the weapon refining methods of the Immortal Land and the Land of Gods, a total of eighty-one, formed a sword formation, have also been killed.
The sky is filled with divine light, and the sword of the gods is shining brightly. While using spiritual methods to corrode Wang Xuan, the originator of Chaojue Palace also wants to kill him quickly with a sword array.
Wang Xuan endured the pain, and the red substance evaporated all over his body, as if the haze covered his body. However, the power was really powerful, and he cooperated with him to perform the secret technique.
In an instant, after the secret technique of Dao Zhan Sword was sublimated, one sword wheel emerged one after another. It was not like there was only one light wheel in the past, but now ten light wheels appeared, sweeping across the void with a devastating attitude, aiming at the opponent’s sword formation.
/Even the divine sword that has been refined through extraordinary sacrifices cannot now withstand the impact of the sword wheels. Between the ten sword wheels, accompanied by clanging sounds, one divine sword after another was cut off, and the sword formation was torn apart. , the exotic treasures are being destroyed.
The instant reversal shocked Zhen Chao. He knew very well how powerful the weapon he had refined was, and now he couldn’t stop it.
/With a bang, Gouchuan, the originator of the Gouchen Imperial Palace, directly sacrificed a golden stove on the Xiaoyao boat. Accompanied by the fire, it magnified rapidly and fell from the sky to kill Wang Xuan.
At this point, there was nothing to say. Killi