magic, but what they obtained was not Magic power is something called “inner energy”, which can directly act on the body.

Hull tried several different techniques that he had mastered. In his feeling, the effects of these different techniques were like a combination of magic and martial arts.
/For example, the magic technique called “Qing Gong” that he is most interested in, after using it, it feels like adding “Acceleration Technique”, “Light Spirit Technique”, “Quick Movement” and “Jump Technique” to the body at the same time. The disadvantage is that Qinggong requires “internal strength”, and his “internal strength” can only be used for a short period of time. Without the support of internal strength, he will be knocked back to his original shape immediately.
Hull did not dare to use Qing Gong at will. He just mobilized a small amount of internal force to make his leg muscles stronger, which made him more flexible and agile than before.
The biggest advantage of moving on the roof is that it can move forward in a straight line, and his target is not very far from Miscon’s southern district. A quarter of an hour later, Hull stood on the roof of a building.
He used his unique perception to scan the villa opposite.
This is a two-story mansion. From the information given to him by Lida’s father, he knows that this mansion is full of luxury from the Baroque era.
Living here is the influential banker Sabashte Goliwen from Miscon. From the information, it can be seen that he is a figure who can be called a wallflower.
In fact, the Goli Wen family is famous for its abundance of wall grass.
Before the Asian Revolution, this family served the Marquis Marolion. In the most turbulent times, this crime was enough to put all members of the Goliton family on the guillotine.
/But the Goliwen family not only survived, but also became more glorious. This was related to the fact that they betrayed the Malorion family and donated a large amount of money to the Directory.
During the era of Emperor Paneba, this family reached a higher level. However, when Emperor Paneba was at the peak of his power, they secretly had contact with the multinational coalition. Therefore, after Emperor Paneba’s defeat, the family became even stronger. Does not fall.
After decades of operation, the Goliwen family has become one of the most important bankers in Miscon. The reason why Hull fell in love with Mr. Sabathon Goliwen is because this family is a loser. Tradition, and the natural ability to tread two boats.
Hull was confident that he could convince Mr. Goremon that the only trouble would be getting into the mansion.
Although this mansion is not impregnable, the Goliwen family has always been timid, so for a century, several generations of this family have had the habit of raising dogs.
It is said that there are more than forty dogs of various types kept there, the most ferocious of which are twenty Beru wolfhounds. These wolfhounds are well-trained and patrol the courtyard and roof terrace all day long.
In addition, there are more than