the girl’s gurgling tears with his mouth, saying: “Silly words! What kind of orphan? Don’t you have me? And my dad and me. Mom? After you break away from that family, I will ask my mother, old man, to apply to the Civil Affairs Bureau to re-adopt you into my home. From now on, we will be a real family. The four of us will love each other for life, forever. Don’t separate! Okay?”

After Wang Bo patiently explained and persuaded, Guan Ping finally nodded and agreed. She also knew that by now, her adoptive parents had completely regarded her as an enemy, and it was impossible for both parties to live together again. However, when she thinks of her and that home, those two people, the hometown where she has lived for eighteen years, every plant and tree there, and all her childhood memories, they will be completely severed and no longer connected together. Perhaps, Guan Ping felt a burst of sadness, fell into Wang Bo’s arms, and cried “hissingly” in a voice that had become hoarse from crying.
As for Wang Bo, listening to the girl’s heart-rending wails, his heart felt extremely miserable, and then he began to wonder if he was being too ruthless?
But this trace of doubt in his mind only circled in his heart, and he was soon dismissed from his mind, and his determination towards Guan Ping became firm again. If you continue to break up, you will be disturbed by it. Now you are benevolent as a woman. If Guan Ping is implicated by her “kindness” in the future, that will be a real tragedy!
At about five o’clock in the afternoon, Xue Tao called Wang Bo and said only two words, it’s done, and asked him to take Guan Ping to the police station to sign.
/Wang Bo and Guan Ping drove to the police station together. When they saw Guan Yongxiang again at the police station, they saw that Guan Yongxiang, who had been extremely arrogant and shouted to kill, had his head drooped and cowered, as if he was a defeated rooster. They were frightened by Xue Tao and others.
However, when the defeated rooster saw Guan Ping’s figure, its “chicken feathers” suddenly stood up, and its pair of red triangular eyes suddenly opened, staring straight at Guan Ping, like a monster that chooses people to devour.
“What are you doing with such evil looks? First figure out where this is!” Xue Tao roared at Guan Yongxiang, turning the opponent from a monster into a rooster again, and then led Wang Bo and Guan Ping to another room. After closing the door, he handed a piece of A4 white paper in his hand to Wang Bo, and then said, “We have negotiated with the other party. The eight thousand yuan in alimony will make a clean break with Guan Ping. We will no longer have any contact with each other.”
Wang Bo clicked . He nodded, took the “Agreement on Termination of Adoption Relationship” handed over by Xue Tao, glanced at it briefly, and then looked at Guan Ping who looked sad next to him, and said: “Sister, the long-term pain is not as good as the short-term pain, just sign and put your fingerprints. ”
Guan Ping took the “Adoption Termination Agreem