elying on her divine power.

Although she is a god, the Shinto magic she has inherited is limited, and there are only a few types of magic that she has mastered over hundreds of years!
She was still stretched thin in front of the real immortal cultivators such as this little god.
But it would be different if we could get the inheritance of orthodox Sheji Shinto.
Every righteous god has its own orthodox inheritance and Shinto magic.
There is a huge difference between a god who carries the orthodox Shinto heritage and a mountain ghost like her who can barely be called a god.
Bai Xianyin also watched and nodded frequently.
She originally thought that without the guidance and guidance of the sect’s professors, Zhang Jian would definitely have great shortcomings in fighting skills. She never thought that his use of various magic techniques would be superb.
Among the serious disciples of the Kiriyama lineage, there are only a few who possess such manipulation techniques.
“It’s amazing to be self-taught without a teacher!”
“It’s a pity that the master is too busy to give advice. Otherwise, if he joins the disciples of several other uncles and uncles, young master,”
Bai Xianyin quickly shook off this dangerous thought. She had great respect for her master and would never dare to slander him.
But she suggested.
“My master’s sword-controlling skills are amazing. If you choose to use sword-controlling skills next time, you must exchange them for a more advanced sword-controlling skills. The sword-controlling skills of our demon-slaying lineage are also outstanding!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian nodded.
/This is what he thinks too.
He himself loves the attack method of the long sword. It is rare to have a spiritual sword like the Dragon Song Sword in his hand. It would be too wasteful if he could not choose a high-level sword control method.
Next to him, Bai Liying looked a little pensive, and said for a moment: “Actually, if brother Zhang Dao wants to learn the advanced sword-controlling method, he does not necessarily have to go to the Taoist sect. There is also a precious sword-controlling method hidden in my White Water Dragon Palace. If Lang If you are interested, you can go and give it a try!”
Zhang Jian looked a little surprised.
Seeing Zhang Jian’s expression, Bai Liying couldn’t help laughing.
“Brother Zhang Dao may not know that there are many relics deep in the white water. Some of those ancient relics are related to immortal cultivators, but the vicissitudes of life are buried deep in the water veins. Others cannot discover these relics, but they cannot stop them. Keep the eyes of the creatures in the water waiting for me!”
Zhang Jian sighed when he heard this: “It’s strange outside. It is said that there are gods of mountains, rivers and mountains, and the gods of the water realm are the most wealthy!”
Bai Liying smiled brightly when she heard this. She was originally a cold-tempered person, but now her beautiful face was smiling, as if the earth was rejuvenating, and it was so beautiful.