ors of the ancient demon gods. If he is given a period of time to grow, even if the ancestors of these ancient demon gods return completely, they will not be able to threaten him.

Zhang Jian is not planning to borrow the inter-dimensional teleportation formation of the Three Emperors Heaven Realm, but is planning to use his own power to tear apart dimensions and cross dimensional time and space.
Although it takes a little more effort, it is better at being secretive and will not leave any traces in the Three Emperors’ Heaven.
Along the way, Fairy Qinglan followed Zhang Jian. At this time, she looked at the long river of time and space in front of her and said softly.
“Your Majesty, during this period, I have used secret methods to contact one or two elders of the masters. Among the four Taoist masters of the Shenyin Taoism in the past, there are currently only two Taoist masters left. As for which direction they are, I cannot confirm !”
/Zhang Jian said.
“That is to say, you cannot be sure whether the treasure has fallen into the hands of these two Taoists or the forces behind the two Taoists?”
Fairy Qinglan hesitated slightly and then said.
“It’s possible, but what our ancestor valued most during his lifetime was Uncle Xinglan. Xinglan was one of the two fallen Taoists. It’s also possible that the secret is still in Uncle Xinglan’s secret palace!”
Zhang glanced at her and said.
“Is it possible that your Uncle Xinglan’s secret palace has been found by other sects, and even the two great masters who escaped from your Shenyin sect?”
Fairy Qinglan shook her head and said.
“Not very likely!”
Facing Zhang Jian’s eyes, she thought for a moment.
“Uncle Xinglan is the most favored by the ancestor among the four great masters. Therefore, he does not have a good relationship with the other three great masters. He only has a close relationship with my master.”
Speaking of this, there was some hesitation in her eyes.
Zhang Jian noticed it and asked directly.
“What is your master’s profession, and what is their relationship? Now, you don’t need to hide this matter anymore?!”
Zhang Jian heard Fairy Qinglan mention that her master also died when the Shenyin Taoist lineage was destroyed.
Fairy Qinglan’s eyes were slightly confused, and she spoke after a moment.
“My master, Fairy Hong Ling, is a third-level master with great supernatural powers!
As for the relationship with Uncle Xinglan, he should be regarded as a close friend.”
Zhang Jian looked at it with a slight frown.
He sounded questioning.
Fairy Qinglan said softly.
“They have never practiced dual cultivation, but they do have a good relationship. My master was expected to achieve success on the other side, but he gave the opportunity to Uncle Xinglan!”
Zhang Jian nodded when he heard this.
“Then they are indeed inseparable!”
The opportunity to become a Taoist Master on the other side is just around the corner. How many people with great supernatural powers can endure it?
/I’m afraid that no matter how good the relationship is, it will b