, as if he was reminiscing about something, Hull walked up to him and asked: “How do you feel about coming back here again?”

Phillip sighed softly: “I don’t know why, I found that I wasted a lot of time before.”
“Why do you say that?” Hull asked.
/“When I was in school, I only knew how to immerse myself in studying and lost a lot of things. Now that I think about it, there are many things that other children have that I didn’t get in my childhood. And after I became an adult and took over the family business, I discovered that, What I spent a lot of time studying in the first place is of no use at all.
“Members of the Philip family are just a golden brand. You can get a lot of things without struggling. In fact, it is useless even if you struggle. Others will not give you a higher status because of your achievements. The status of a child of a family It’s almost an unwritten rule.”
“Isn’t there anything worth remembering about your student days?” Hull asked: “It is at this time that most people develop a vague love for the girls around them. Have you never been in love?”
“How is this possible? People like me have no right to fall in love at all. My marriage has been confirmed long ago. You can’t understand this.” Philip said helplessly.
Hull asked Philip about his first love because he had always felt strange that there was no memory of love in Philip’s memory. This guy had never had any physical problems.
After hearing this explanation, although he still had some doubts, he still smiled and said: “Is this the so-called helplessness of the aristocracy?”
“To be more precise, it should be the responsibility of the nobles.” Philip corrected.
“You are not a complete Puritan, are you? You have never had a woman?” Hull asked teasingly: “I heard that you were once a playboy like other children of aristocratic families.”
“That’s a slander. You actually believe such a thing.” Philip suddenly became serious.
“Well, to put it another way, do you dare to swear that you have never been in contact with women?” Hull said still as if he was joking.
Phillip was stunned for a moment, and after a while, he sighed softly and said: “How should I put this? Such a game in life is indispensable, but with an identity like mine, you must pay attention to your reputation. If your reputation is infamous, , Not to mention that it’s impossible for my family to accept it, and it can’t be justified by Marquis Daukman.”
“I understand, you don’t dare to attack the female classmates here. They are all members of your family, or people very close to your family. If you attack them, they will definitely scream everywhere, but then What about when you were in college? There were many girls in college, but they didn’t have much contact with your family, and you had never been in love?” Hull asked.
“Girls who can go to college are either wealthy ladies from well-off families, or ambitious girls who want to get ahead. I don’t want to create opportunities for them.” Philip said helplessly, shaking his head.
“But this seems a little diff