ctually two window panels made of wooden boards outside the small window.

Hull had no intention of prying at all. He was not interested in any of this at all, so he simply lowered his head and focused on the plate of steak in front of him.
Although he doesn’t see with his eyes and doesn’t use his blind sense to search his surroundings, it doesn’t prevent him from using his ears to listen to what’s going on outside. Hull’s ears are very sensitive, and the strongest among his extraordinary sensory abilities is hearing.
The reason for this is that hearing is the only way of perception that can be trained. In the scout training, there is a skill called “quiet listening”. According to legend, the barbarian cavalry in the East are also proficient in the art of lying on the ground and can listen. to the sound of horse teams miles away.
While training in Military Intelligence, Hull had received special training to improve his hearing, and he continued this training method until he found the secret books. The training of listening in those three secret books is even more thorough and detailed.
He raised his ears, and the distant voice reached his ears clearly. The people on the train were definitely not human beings. No matter how disciplined the Beru people were, they couldn’t even say a word. Likewise, there were also people inside. It couldn’t be artillery or ammunition. Although there were only five carriages, if they were all artillery, it would definitely not be pulled by more than a dozen horses.
From the sound of the wheels rolling over the track just now, you can tell that the things on the car are not very heavy.
/Hull’s first thought was of guns. A gun is mostly made of wood, with only the barrel and firing mechanism made of metal, and weighs only a few kilograms. But if it was a gun, there was no need to be so strict. Not only were secret police dispatched to monitor the vehicles along the way, but they were also escorted by the army. When they were at the station, the local army was actually responsible for protecting them.
In Yafa, the transportation of guns is not an important task, and guns are often stolen during transportation. Even if Beru is stricter than Yafa in this regard, it is impossible to be so heavily guarded.
Just when Hel was thinking wildly, there was a sudden bang and explosion that made him, who was concentrating on his ears, suddenly black out. When he finally recovered, the outside had become chaotic.
First there was the sound of gunfire, with “bang bang” gunfire coming one after another, but it didn’t sound like two groups of people were exchanging fire, but more like the Beru people firing guns indiscriminately.
/Hull quickly confirmed this, because one of the soldiers who had planned to have dinner here just broke in again. After he fired a shot at the ceiling, he said to everyone: “No one is allowed to move around. Speak, temporary martial law is now in place!”
In addition to Hull and Gear, there were two other people in the restaurant. Perhaps because of their tough personali