o matter how incredible it is, is three. The Eye Tribe survived, and he helped, or in other words, he used the World Government to open the core of Lord Nether, and then misled the World Government into starting the Soul Army Project, or even directly created mutated ghosts. In other words, there are two possibilities.”

“He plans to create another ‘original sin’!”
/Beijing, China, Tokyo, Japan, Washington, DC, a base in France, London, UK, and Easter Island.
“Well, even if you say so, the number of ghosts still has not reached the standard. If the strength of the soul army is reduced because of this, the consequences will be serious. I am very dissatisfied with this.”
/Somewhere underground on Easter Island, a young man with messy hair and red hair said with a smile.
In front of him was a row of videos, all of which were political leaders and business bosses from various countries. Could these people be at the top of the world’s power pyramid? If just one person moved, the human world would probably tremble for a long time, and just such a group of people gathered together. We held a video conference together, and it is this kind of conference participants that now constitute the governments of the world.
In many videos, a sixty-year-old white man suddenly asked: “Arogie Kanter, we are not going to question you about other things. Now we only ask you one thing, Odin.” What about others? You are just his spokesperson. You have worn out all our patience, so we plan to talk to him personally.”
The young man grinned, with yellow spots all over his teeth. He smiled and said, “Even if you say so, I can’t answer you for anything. You know, it’s him who contacts me every time. I’m just an ordinary person.” , do you think I am qualified to contact him?”
In the video, another middle-aged man said in a low voice: “Don’t challenge our patience anymore, A Roger Kanter, the reason why you, a little ruffian, can sit here today and survive safely is because Women have women, and you have to enjoy them. The reason is that you are a lucky man, and you act as a link between us and Odin, but this is not the reason for your pride. You have to understand one thing. Ah, once Odin is gone, then what qualifications do you have to sit here and talk to us? No, or you are not even qualified to be a ghost!”
The young man’s face turned pale immediately. He moved his body slightly, trying to make his sitting posture look more respectful. However, this man was born to be a little gangster, and his sitting posture was very disrespectful no matter what. So after trying for a long time, he lowered his head and murmured: “Sorry, I really can’t contact Odin, but I can feel that he has not given up my contact rights, and I can also feel that he is here Somewhere on earth, please give me some time, I will try to call him, as soon as he has news, I will immediately”
Everyone in the video frowned involuntarily. After a long time, the man representing the President of the United States waved his hand and said to the young man: “Forget it, we w