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I dare not approach her, let alone tell her or confess to her what I am thinking and thinking, for fear of causing her uneasiness and distress and breaking her peaceful pace of life. Moreover, I know that as time goes by, even the simple waiting and distant watching on campus every day will disappear due to the intervention of “that person” one day, and in the end, only the sadness and despair of despair will be left.
I know that there is only one way to relieve me, and that is to tell her, to tell her my feelings, mood, and likes about her frankly without any reservation.
But when I thought about it later, I felt that doing so was extremely stupid. She knows nothing about me. What would she think if one day she was told that someone liked her so much that she couldn’t help but love her for a long time? What will be the reaction? I’m afraid you’ll just find it inexplicable, ridiculous, and funny, right? In her eyes, I will probably become a clown who overestimates my abilities, right?
Just when I felt that my entire middle school, and perhaps my entire life, was doomed to be gloomy, surrounded by gloom and despair, by chance, I saw the story of Berlioz.
Berlioz came from a medical family, and his father hoped that he would inherit his father’s ambition and pass on the family business in the future. But Berlioz had no interest at all in saving people and was only interested in music. He taught himself several instruments such as piano, violin and guitar at a very young age. But due to pressure from his father, he had to go to a medical school that was far from his nature.
However, during his studies, he devoted a lot of time not to medicine but to music. His academic performance was appalling and a complete mess. As a last resort, I eventually left medical school.
His father was so disappointed that he severed the father-son relationship with him. As a result, Berlioz lost his financial resources and had to make a living by writing music submissions and being a music tutor to the children of wealthy families.
Once, as a young talent, Berlioz attended a dance party of a popular singer at the time. At the ball, the young Berlioz fell in love with the dazzling singer at first sight and was greatly enchanted. So he boldly wooed him. Although Berlioz was emerging at that time, due to his noble character and unwillingness to cater to vulgar tastes, his music was not welcomed by the mainstream society, let alone praised. Nine out of ten submissions failed, and he often needed help from violin prince Paganini and piano prince Liszt.
/Faced with Berlioz’s advances, the singer refused.
In endless despair and humiliation, Berlioz committed suicide by taking poison. However, he attempted suicide due to insufficient medication. After waking up, he fell into a trance-like state, feeling countless notes dancing in his mind.
Ten years later, upon hearing of the tragic death of the singer’s husband, Berlioz immediately sent her his music.
The ending of the story is that the singer accepted Berlioz’s rene