le nauseous and wanted to vomit.

Bai Hui glared at Liu Changan. Liu Changan must have done it on purpose. He just likes to disgust others!
While Bai Hui was angry, she took her cell phone and asked for a driver to come over.
/The driver drove to Baolong Center. Bai Hui refused Liu Changan’s way of carrying Zhong Qing with one hand. She felt that Liu Changan would treat her cousin like a corpse. Bai Hui was not happy and insisted on carrying Zhong Qing upstairs with Liu Changan. Go to the hotel room.
Liu Changan put Zhong Qing down and prepared to leave. It was Bai Hui’s job to take care of Zhong Qing. As soon as he walked out of the room, he saw Qian Ning and Lu Yuan walking over from the other end of the corridor.
Qian Ning and Lu Yuan also saw Liu Changan. The two brothers were a little surprised. The hotel invested by Baojun Group was a boutique designer hotel. This kind of hotel often wins overwhelming awards at the beginning of its operation, and then has a large number of Internet celebrities. Videos are shot here, including night views, swimming pools, restaurants, rooms and other elements that are put together for promotion. The price of a standard room during non-weekend periods is more than 1,500 per night. Even in Junsha, where international luxury brand hotels have mushroomed in recent years, It can be considered expensive.
Liu Changan was very poor. He walked to school and home. How could he come here alone to rent a house?
Maybe he was looking for friends. Come to think of it, Liu Changan made 200,000 yuan. He should not be as embarrassed as before.
Although Liu Changan was a little uncomfortable in high school, now that everyone has graduated, not to mention that Liu Changan and An Nuan are in a clear relationship, Qian Ning and Lu Yuan don’t mind Liu Changan that much anymore.
“Long time no see.” Qian Ning and Lu Yuan greeted warmly.
“Long time no see.” Others were enthusiastic, including Liu Changan.
“We’re going to have fun here tonight. Lin Xinnai is here, let’s have some fun together.” Lu Yuan’s invitation to Liu Changan was quite sincere.
“What’s wrong with it?”
/“Glory of the King, we just had a fight in the bathroom.”
“Isn’t Lin Xinhuai playing League of Legends?”
Qian Ning reached out to put his arm around Liu Changan’s shoulders. Liu Changan smiled and pushed his arm away, and walked into the door that Lu Yuan opened.
In addition to Lin Xinhuai, there were several people whom Liu Changan didn’t know. It turned out that Qian Ning applied for Xiangnan University, but Lu Yuan still failed to win the battle with his family and applied for a domestic aristocratic university. The score line was similar to that of Xiang University. One year The tuition fee alone is about 100,000 yuan. Lu Yuan’s father believes that in such a school, he can accumulate connections and be good for doing business in the future and take over his career. Although Lu Yuan thinks that his father’s business is considered a gross career, there is nothing he can do. What if your parents are close to each other,