learned about the rumors about practicing this method in Baihua Tower.

Even more rigorously, Chu Weiyang knew about the rumors about this method in Baihualou first, and later learned about the actual practice of “Five Zangs and Food and Qi Essence”.
Later, as Chu Weiyang progressed more and more in this method, the Baihualou monks Chu Weiyang knew also gradually broadened and deepened step by step from Qinghe, who was the direct descendant of this generation, until he and his teacher Yuting The elders of the Nine Refining Alchemy Embryo Realm are all familiar with it together.
He confirmed those rumors from the past with his own eyes, and saw what methods the monks from Baihua Tower were using to “tarnish” the Panwang Sect’s practice and “ruin” the reputation of this lineage.
When he thinks of these, Chu Weiyang always feels “heartbroken”!
But as early as in the past, Shi Yuting took the initiative to mention that he wanted to resolve the cause and effect of the old sect between the two sects. Therefore, almost subconsciously, Chu Weiyang included all these karma into the cause and effect of the old sect. When I think about the future, I always have to “settlement” something, but this incident has never happened again.
But this does not mean that Qinghe can mention this matter secretly in his words while making a pretense.
This is a provocation! This is a provocation to myself, the master of the “Five Zangs and Food and Qi Essence”!
As the current headmaster of the Panwang Sect, Chu Weiyang was determined to respond to such a “provocation” and impose “punishment” on him!
So, almost when Qing He faced the supreme meaning of “Dao Heng Diagram” and was still in the unprecedented shock and trembling of his mind, Chu Weiyang suddenly stopped the interweaving and resonance of the three elements of spirit, energy and spirit. In an instant, the connection between Tao and Dharma disappeared, just when Qing He suddenly looked back and looked at Chu Weiyang with an expression of confusion for no apparent reason.
/The next moment, they were no longer in harmony. Chu Weiyang’s Tao and Dharma revealed a rich and powerful aura. And with the rise of such aura, among Chu Weiyang’s Tao and Dharma, the one who belonged to the body-forging method One side unfolded vigorously, and then the three elements of essence, energy, and spirit were intertwined and resonated again.
But Qing He’s confusion suddenly subsided, and then, amid the shock and trembling of the “Dao Heng Picture” he faced again, Shang still had more than half of his expression of horror.
Because when Chu Weiyang took the initiative to break the balance between Tao and Dharma, overwhelming him with his vigorous aura and majestic scenery, there was no longer any harmony. Chu Weiyang took the initiative to choose Tao. Another level of Dao, in the interweaving and resonance of another Dao, infiltrates and penetrates the foundation of Qinghe’s Dao!
/Almost at the same time, the two people’s “Five Zangs and Food and Qi Essence” started operating at the same frequency!