At this moment, he and Lao Wu were both bad at speaking and reciting the “Folk Scripture”. He wanted to go to Shichuan with a knife and kill him first.
“Where is the Patriarch?” Zi Mu Dao Yuan Shen glowed, trying to transmit a message and summon the mysterious “Quan”.
“Your Patriarch, I am here!” The True Sage Wujie laughed, his whole body glowing, and he used secret techniques to cut off all the light of his soul. If he couldn’t find Shichuan, he would kill him first.
“Huh?!” At the same time, he saw the great saint Lemo who was kind to Wujie Mountain. What happened to him? Pack your bags in the Evil God’s Mansion, and then go up to the sky. Are you going on a long journey?
/Lao Wu was suddenly startled. Looking at the posture of the Great Saint Lemo, was he planning to rush out of the central universe of the myth, return to his old profession, and become the great evil spirit again?
“Great Sage Lemo, where are you going?” he shouted from behind.
“Go to the decaying universe and avoid the limelight.” Lemo responded with a stern face and walked away without looking back.
Lao Wu realized that this person had just landed ashore and had a premonition that something was wrong. He was planning to return to the decaying land and occupy the mountain as king again?
At the same time, he felt that it would be better to kill Zi Mu Dao and take him to the outer universe for shopping. There are too many variables in the center of the myth, so don’t let anyone interfere.
The outer territory is empty, the land is vast and the saints are sparse, so no one can expect to attack or kill. Now, he didn’t fight any more, he just made up his mind, hugged Zi Mudao, and rushed outside.
Moreover, he was chasing the Great Saint Lemo and walking with him, giving the other supreme beings the illusion that the two of them had outflanked the True Saint Guixu and wanted to take him away in a sandwich.
“Why are you chasing me?” the evil spirit Lemo asked him secretly.
“The Great Sage is kind to Wujie Mountain, so I will see you off.” Lao Wu responded.
The evil spirit Le Mo thought to himself: Do you think I am compassionate and like to be a good person when nothing happens? I have taken a fancy to your dojo. Your disciples and disciples are all good and suitable to be taken under your sect, so that I don’t have to choose my own disciples. As a result, you didn’t die and came back again. Bad luck!
Although he is indeed not afraid of Quan, Gui Xu Zhensheng, etc., but if nothing happens, he doesn’t want to do anything casually. He took a fancy to the qualifications of Wu Mingxiu and others, and heard that there was also Wang Xuan, the ultimate limit breaker. It was said that he was unrivaled in the same field since the 7th century, so he shone with divine brilliance.
Otherwise, how could the Great Saint Lemo come to this world for no reason?
However, since all the “good things” have been done, he won’t explain it.
“Disciples of Guixu Dojo, listen to my order and kill the disciples of Wujie Mountain!” Zi Mudao couldn’t get rid of