to give it a hard shake. As for the rules, etc., they were blooming at will.

It has learned the rules of more than one civilization. Its speed is not much slower than Xiaoyaozhou, its killing power is stronger than the human sword, and its defense is not weaker than the light curtain of the Randao Lantern. Even the Great Chitian Sword of the civilization outside the territory They have all observed the internal texture.
The collision this time was different from the past, the flames were surging, it seemed to be enveloped by time, the whole body was burning with principles, it was bright and dazzling, and its sharp energy was indestructible.
The Royal Dao Spear stuck to the heart of Darkness, and they shook each other violently at the same time, with a posture of fighting to the end with both jade and stone.
“Control all the ways in the world!” Upon seeing this, Wang Xuan stopped wielding the sword. Instead, he let the entire killing array bloom with the light of the Tao, directly smelting the dark heart of heaven.
“The past was empty, you will not exist in this world, and your name will be cut off in the future!” Xiaoyaozhou used the killing array to bless himself, amplifying and improving his own rules of time, and then slashed out to eliminate the enemy from the entire space and time. .
This time, the rules of time have turned into a royal sword. From the past to the present, there is sword light, all of which are slashing the dark heart.
The blurry figure was shaken by the chop, and sometimes the sword of time pierced his body. This shocked him so much that his face changed.
The sword of rules pierced into a crack in his body, shaking one after another, briefly causing the other leg to almost fall off.
/Of course, it is also “acting like a monster”, with its flag waving and hunting sounds, becoming more and more powerful, as if it is really suppressing its opponent and slapping it.
Regardless of whether it could be suppressed and hit, its arrogant attitude and domineering arrogance really made the vague figure angry.
Dark Tianxin was the king and overlord of prohibited items in the central world, and he was followed by top treasures from other universes. But in this remote place, did even a treasure dare to bury him and bully him into injury?
“Although I am physically ill, I can still withstand the oppression in the exhausted universe, extract the power of chaos, and kill you and others!” He said with a cold tone.
His murderous aura soared, making the whole universe roar, and his sound was like the vibration of the avenue: “In the past, after my body was torn apart, I destroyed two banned items in a row, let alone now!”
At this moment, his voice spread throughout the starry sky, spreading in the form of fluctuations of consciousness. Even the people in Xinxing heard it, and their hearts were trembling and about to collapse.
The shape of Dark Tianxin is a little different, and the big black mark on his head becomes more majestic, like a mountain of the world rising and falling.
Such a black mountain