Somehow, the yin and yang of the two fishes are compatible with each other. She Yan, who is comprehending with his eyes closed, is involuntarily dragged into the dual cultivation, using the sword to polish his own bloodline.
It was painful, but soon I enjoyed the pleasure of improving my bloodline.
Sister Snake: (ΦωΦ)
/The golden-scaled snake, awakened from practice, looked at the two women and one man. Feeling that something was wrong, it turned into golden light and hovered above Lu Bei’s head. It found a comfortable position to lie down and absorb the spilled innate energy.
Innate Qi, born from nothingness, one Qi turns into two, Yin and Yang combine into three
Yin and Yang array diagram.
Because of his outstanding qualifications, Lu Bei completed his training ahead of schedule and ended this multi-player campaign.
She Yan and Bai Jinshang were sitting cross-legged in meditation. They did not have Lu Bei’s high-efficiency qualifications. Whether it was comprehending the sword’s intention or refining the bloodline, they could not achieve it overnight and needed a lot of time to digest the gains from practice.
Especially for Bai Jin, the state aura is stable in the integration stage. It will take ten days and a half to stabilize the current state alone, and he will not wake up in a short time.
Lu Bei placed the golden-scaled snake on She Zhang’s head. After stepping out of the formation, he gently moved his hand to collect the two mysterious treasure maps, two people and one snake in his palm.
The Double Mystic Treasure Map has many magical uses, one of which is to use people to press objects. It may not be considered top-notch if you pick one out alone, but it is better because it can be used for multiple purposes. It can do anything and understand a little bit of everything.
Lu Beiren was in the studio, staring at the imperial master and master in the painting, thinking about it.
The Double Mysterious Treasure Map is a practice accelerator that can save a lot of experience. Except for the fact that the practice is time-consuming, which is not as good as his outstanding qualifications, there is nothing wrong with it, and its value must be fully explored.
The main skill, Great Wilderness Demonic Secret Record, can be practiced together with She Yan to sharpen the bloodline of the golden-winged roc.
Chang Chong Sword Song has a white brocade counterpart. When the senior sister stabilizes the realm of the integration stage and her sword intention reaches a higher level, it should be able to teach him a lot of experience.
The development of the Five Elements and Five Symbols can be left to Zhu Qilan, and he can also practice the Taiyin Killing Technique. Although he has little experience, it is better than nothing.
The remaining skills, Qingqiu Left Formation, Qingqiu Right Formation, and Step by Step Lotus Technique, have not yet found corresponding dual cultivators.
Among them, the two chapters of Qingqiu have been completed, but the skills and experience have not yet been reached. The Bubu