anned to find a cool place, such as a teahouse, to sit, rest, and return later. Home.

anned to find a cool place, such as a teahouse, to sit, rest, and return later. Home.
After walking along the road for a few more minutes, Liang Jingquan found that he had arrived near where his daughter was studying. There was a rice noodle shop with a stylish decoration in front of it. Many men and women came in and out. It seemed that the business was quite good.
“Zeng’s Rice Noodles”, several big characters were printed on Liang Jingquan’s lenses. Almost at the same time, the image of a woman wearing a uniform and a peaked cap, always with a refreshing smile on her face, unexpectedly jumped into the picture. Liang Jingquan’s mind.
“How about going to Guanghan to meet Jiang Mei?” An idea flashed in Liang Jingquan’s mind, and then, this idea quickly exploded in Liang Jingquan’s body like a flash flood. He stood frozen under the shade of a tree on the sidewalk for at least a minute. Various expressions of excitement, excitement, desire, and hesitation flashed back and forth on Liang Jingquan’s face. In the end, they all turned into determination!
“Tricycle!” Liang Jingquan rushed to the road and shouted at an unloaded human-powered tricycle on the opposite side.
So, it’s time to raise the pole and close the net, and show your feelings to the other party.
/The bus stopped and went all the way, people getting on and off constantly. When the car arrived at Gaoping, a dark cloud came over and the sun hid in the thick clouds. The wind has picked up, and there is a smell of moisture in the wind.
Is it going to rain? Sitting by the window, Liang Jingquan looked at the changed color of the sky, thinking of the quarrel with his wife, the bitter rain and bitter weather of being ignored by his daughter, and the weather at this time.
Half an hour later, Liang Jingquan arrived at Guanghan. We took another three-wheeler and drove directly to the Guanghan flagship store of “Zengsao Rice Noodles”. Before entering the store, Liang Jingquan took advantage of the reflection of the glass wall of the rice noodle shop to straighten his long back, and buttoned up the two buttons of his shirt collar to make himself look more dignified. Then, Liang Jingquan took a deep breath and walked in slowly.
/He first ordered a drink at the front desk, and his eyes wandered around for the opportunity, looking for the beauty, but he did not find the pretty face that had worried him for months.
“Backstage? In the toilet? Or do you have something to do when you go out temporarily?” Liang Jingquan frowned as he took the drink.
Liang Jingquan took the drink and found a seat where he could look directly at the cashier. While drinking the drink slowly, he waited anxiously for the beauty to appear. He hasn’t seen Jiang Mei for almost three months. He has always wanted to, but he doesn’t have time at ordinary times. He has to look after his daughter at home during the weekends to prevent his daughter from going to hang out with that little bastard once he leaves. Therefore, since three He had a fight with Cheng Wenjin a few months ago and