ang Jian for the last time and smiled.

“The next condition is that the emperor must do something that is recognized by the gods in heaven. Only with this achievement can he convince the gods!”
“These are the three basic conditions, so that the Great Heavenly Lord can consider opening up the situation and make it convenient for you!”
Zhang Jian frowned slightly, but nodded slightly to indicate that he had taken note of it.
He seized the opportunity and then quickly asked for some details.
I don’t know whether it was the generous gift that made the old immortal feel happy, or Zhang Jian’s sacred body that made the old immortal willing to sell him and sell him favors. The old immortal was very patient and answered one by one. After a while, Then he stood up and said goodbye.
Zhang Jian sent him out, but he was still thinking about the three basic conditions.
Of the three basic conditions, the first two are not bad. Once the major event planned by Donghuajie is completed, the conditions will be met.
The last third condition is quite difficult.
/This is still the basic condition.
Zhang Jian feels that it is not easy to get this benefit.
In the side hall, after Taibai Jinxing left, the sound of footsteps could be heard.
Bai Xianyin was the first to come out. Looking at the three or four jars of fine wine and jade liquid in front of her, she couldn’t help but pouted.
“This Immortal Official is not big, but he has a big appetite. He only drank ten jars of wine, and he drank three jars by himself!”
There was anger on her face.
The four guardian gods who guarded the temple all entered the hall one after another.
This was the first time they saw such a gift from heaven.
The nectar and jade liquid, the purple golden flowers, the elixir and the miraculous fruit are all the treatments that many important ministers who are favored by the Emperor of Heaven receive in myths and legends.
Next to him, Bai Gui looked at the fairy brew with its unique fragrance and was a little greedy.
That is the famous imperial wine in the Central Heaven Realm.
This nectar and jade wine is specially made by the Dionysian Mansion in the Heavenly Realm. It cannot be drunk in the outside world. It is only reserved for some Taoists with unique status in the Heavenly Palace, the Emperor of Heaven, and a few places.
At this time, outside the mansion, Qi Yuhua, Zhang Yi and his wife, Bai Liying and other immortals from the Zhang family also came in, looking at the many gifts given by the emperor in front of them, they were also a little curious.
Zhang Yi was also a little greedy at this time and smiled.
“Ayub, I’ve heard that these royal wines are very rare. One sniff of them can cleanse your bones and enhance your magic power for decades. If you drink one jar and sleep for a while, you can increase your Taoism for at least a thousand years! These ten jars of wine can increase your spiritual power for at least a thousand years! , that is the ten thousand years of Taoism!”
“There is also the Purple Qi Golden Flower. This thing is pure an