d vast.

Below is a magnificent primitive ruin, with a layer of golden light blooming from it, erasing all the aura of chaos and evil, and even the aura of resentment that leads to the birth of living beings.
Zhang Jian’s completion of the original reincarnation did not just replace the disordered original avenue rules deep in the original land and bring them into order.
Instead, a complete original spiritual realm was opened up, and the original ruins used it to carry matter. The process of the rules of the avenue from being to nothing, and then from nothing to being.
This completes the original reincarnation.
This is also the process that he must go through to achieve enlightenment.
The Heavenly King of Yuanshi was the first to create the world, he was the original, one!
And his consummation of the original reincarnation is the two that represents the two in life.
Zhang Jian smiled slightly at this time.
He was indeed lucky to have gotten to this point.
Just as Ping Xin Sage speculated.
If it is Pingxin Saint or Nuwa Saint, no matter which one reacts in advance, they will have a chance to compete for this position and then gain the opportunity to transcend.
At this time, when the original reincarnation was taking shape, the Imperial Dao Fruit deep in Zhang Jian’s eyebrows blended with the power of the original reincarnation, and a mysterious and inexplicable holy light quietly grew around him. The purple-gold holy light continued to expand like substance.
At this moment, Zhang Jian’s Yuan Shen’s will continued to expand, and in an instant, he broke free from the suppression of this primitive land. His Yuan Shen’s will naturally extended to the infinite dimensions outside the original land.
The Earth Emperor’s real body bloomed with immeasurable purple-gold brilliance, and its divine energy expanded and skyrocketed.
/At the same time, it transcends the constraints of the original avenue rules.
He could faintly sense that it was a vast and boundless space-time.
It seems that there is far more than just one original dimension.
Extraordinary saint!
After successfully opening up the original reincarnation, Zhang Jian used the Earth Emperor Dao Palace to accommodate the original reincarnation. However, he finally reintegrated the two main branches of the Earth Emperor Dao Fruit and completely transformed.
This also means that he has completely fulfilled his original destiny.
Just like the creation of the world by the Yuanshi Heavenly King.
At this time, he can already leave this original dimension like the Yuanshi Heavenly King.
But Zhang Jian was not prepared to do this.
At this time, his eyes fell on the void in the sky.
/In the void of the heavens, there are still many people whom he cannot completely let go of.
He will continue to stay in this original dimension until one day, when he feels it is time to leave, he will choose to travel outside the original dimension like the Yuanshi King.
At this time, he withdrew his majestic will of the soul, and the magnificent holy light around him converg