Zhan Lexian vomited blood and looked up to the sky with a cry of sorrow. His Yuan Shen was injured three points more seriously, his body was shaky and he almost fell from the sky.
“Don’t fall, let me go.”
Lu Bei shouted loudly, raised his sword and rushed towards Zhan Lexian.
Lu Bei didn’t say anything in his mouth, but he still admired him in his heart for a master of swordsmanship like Zhan Lexian. Astonishingly talented and beautiful, a once-in-a-lifetime figure, even if such a person loses, he should not lose due to words.
brush! !
The golden light passed by, and the black light cut coldly, cutting Lexian in half, blood spilled in the air, and he lost very honorably.
/Regardless of whether others believed it or not, Lu Bei believed it. He couldn’t bear to kill Lexian and felt aggrieved by his defeat, so he gave the opponent a heroic fall to the ground.
“Is there any mistake? It’s the Breaking Heaven Sword Intent again?”
[You defeated Zhan Lexian and gained 80 million experience points. It was determined that the level difference between your opponent was greater than level 20, and you were rewarded with 80 million experience points]
Chains came around, wrapping Zhan Lexian and the elder’s sword respectively, and dragged them into the Shuangxuan Treasure Map together. They were given a separate room and were treated the same as the former Xin Zunjun.
Zhan Lexian was an unplanned variable and was not on the list of prisoners. But if Zhan Lexian was let go and Daweitian was left behind, the Tianjian Sect would still come looking for him.
Whether he lets it go or not, the outcome is the same, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to gain some benefits and solidify his character as a wild goose?
Otherwise, if Jing Ji sees through his righteous nature, all the previous dramas will be in vain. For the long-term stability of the Lingxiao Sword Sect, the role of the treacherous villain will have to continue.
This is what cultivating immortality is like.
“And you two”
Lu Bei turned his head and looked into the distance, snorted twice, turned into golden light and headed straight to the ends of the earth.
Amidst the roaring waves, Lu Bei stood up with great power, blocking the couple who were panicking.
Of course, he was wearing new clothes at this time. After all, he was so big that it would not be good if it affected the relationship between the couple.
‘Zhu Xun’ flashed his belt of commander-in-chief and said earnestly: “Xiandi, I am one of my own!”
Zhu Xun and his wife had a deep relationship, knew each other well, and imitated each other so perfectly that even their subordinates, let alone Lu Bei, couldn’t tell them apart.
Lu Bei didn’t use the magical power of his divine eye. He didn’t know that the two people’s identities had been exchanged. He was completely kept in the dark. He curled his lips and looked at ‘Zhu Xun’ and said disdainfully: “You can’t eat randomly, and you can’t talk nonsense. Lu Mouxuan When did the Purple Guard of the Yin Division and the elite disciples of the Ir