rated the top of the carriage like two sharp knives. Inside the carriage were Bishop Chateau and his secretary. The two came to the Holy See to report on their duties and were rushing back today. , I didn’t expect to encounter an evil star.

The possessed Hull grabbed a person’s heavenly cap with one hand and lifted the two clergymen out of the carriage.
He sucked in suddenly, and something strange happened. In the blink of an eye, the two people were sucked into two dry corpses, and all their divine power and essence were taken away by these magic hands.
/The possessed Hull jumped out of the carriage and swept towards the central area, where more prey was waiting for him.
When Hull woke up again, it was already above the treetops. He found himself lying on the bed, with the mother and daughter Xue Li and Anna lying on both sides of him.
Sitting up from the bed, he felt extremely comfortable.
The vitality of life was flowing in every cell. In addition, he also felt that there seemed to be something more in his soul.
But then he discovered that Xueli and Anna lying next to them were sleeping very deeply, and they couldn’t wake up no matter how they screamed.
What surprised him even more was that Anna’s body was very soft, incredibly soft, and the skin seemed to be inflated. When he pressed it gently, he could actually see fingerprints, and the fingerprints would recover very slowly.
As expected, that kind of skill cannot be practiced easily. Hel suddenly felt heartbroken. He didn’t know what harm he had caused to Anna.
After checking Xue Li and Anna’s whole body, except for some redness and swelling, there was no other damage, so they felt a little relieved.
He has made up his mind that he will never practice that kind of ghost technique on Anna and Xueli again.
Unable to wake up Shirley and Anna, Hull had nothing to do. He suddenly remembered the benefits that Tosalan had given him in that strange space. Now is the best opportunity to organize what you have on hand.
Hull fiddled with the ring that Puduosalun gave him. At this moment, the ring turned into a ring-shaped force field. This force field was close to his right index finger.
This ring is actually equivalent to a space ring, except that it can make things suddenly appear on the body.
The ring can transform into many scenes, that is to say, he can prepare several images for himself and change his appearance at any time.
Hel’s original set of clothes had been turned into rags by the dissociation technique. It was a pity that it was a good piece of clothing. The fabric used to make the clothes was woven with Yuan Spider silk. This also made him understand that Yuan Spider’s silk was not Not indestructible.
/The equipment promised to him by the Immortal King has not yet been received, so he can only think of getting these things first.
What gives Hull a headache is that he can’t think of any simple way to deal with dissociation. The only things in this world that are afraid of dissociation are very limited things like fine gold and mithril.