nd, he almost ran away and pulled the blond beauty back, not only In this way, the golden sword in his hand burst out with bright light, but he did not dare to attack at all. He just protected the two of them and walked faster and faster. Moreover, its direction was not the direction of the battleship group at all, but turned around and turned towards Rush away from Easter Island.

Gong Yeyu hesitated for a moment, but when he saw Pei Jiao behind him who was shaking violently and his broken body was gradually recovering, he just sighed softly and did not pursue him. Instead, he reached out and grabbed the still-shattering figure. The obsessive man did not waste any time. He raised the purple thunder knife in his hand and cut it into two pieces directly from the center of the body. At this moment, the center of the emerald skull flashed. There was a green light, but it dimmed instantly, and it still looked like a stone.
The strong man was cut into two pieces with one knife. Gong Yeyu casually waved the purple thunder knife and completely annihilated his soul. Then he picked up the emerald skull and stuffed it into his chest without even taking a closer look. In the middle, it was also hidden directly in the soul like the steel weapon Ruyi Golden Cudgel. It was only then that he flew to Pei Jiao and said: “How long have I been trapped? Why are you alone? They Where are the people?”
Pei Jiao was currently in a state of obsession, and his whole body seemed to be being cut by blades. However, with his strength, he could barely suppress it. He immediately smiled bitterly and said, “You haven’t been trapped for long, ten minutes at most.” Or so, but if you stay at night for a minute or a few seconds, then I will be completely done. They all sneaked into Easter Island first, and the main force was all involved by us here. The Neodymium dust has the sky dragon projection, and the snow Na is also with them, but it is much safer than here.”
Only then did Gong Yeyu laugh. He saw him lifting Pei Jiao with one hand, and lifting the purple thunder knife with the other hand. Another purple thunder flashed under his feet, and he rushed towards the large spaceship and battleship. go.
“Pei Jiao, just watch me avenge you. I seemed to have remembered something when I was trapped before. Hehe, you are not the only one who is the reincarnation of some great god now. It seems that I was also a great human overlord in my previous life. ?”
When he finished speaking, Gong Yeyu had already rushed into the battleship group. In an instant, the spaceships and battleships he rushed past exploded one after another, as did the soul army staying between the spaceships. They couldn’t even resist him.
/At this moment, in the middle of the spaceship and battleship, in the several super huge floating cities, dozens of people looked at the screen with gloomy expressions. Gong Yeyu rushed towards him like a purple sharp blade, and the person who was struck by the sharp blade. The dozens of people shouted almost in unison as the battleship and spaceshi