icture was very crude, not even colored. The main subject was a monster wearing armor, with an octopus head, and holding a trident. It was also wrapped in lightning, had waves on its feet, and had a cape made of bird feathers on its back.

Alger’s pupils suddenly dilated, and a huge storm surged in his heart.
He knew what the monster in the picture represented, because “The Sun” had shown:
This is Redemption Rose’s twist on the Storm Lord image
The appearance of this picture also means that members of the “Redemption Rose” once came to Bansi Port, and it was after the building collapsed, otherwise the mural would not have been damaged at all, and it would have just covered an unusually incomplete wall.
“This should be the trace that the world asked me to come to Bansi Port to look for. He is tracking down the secret organization Redemption Rose.” Alger said silently to himself, raising his right hand.
He originally planned to destroy the picture directly, but after thinking about it, he retracted his arm, walked around the ruins of the original Westport Telegraph Office, and walked to another place as if he didn’t find anything.
Above the boundless gray fog, inside the magnificent ancient palace.
/“A distorted painting of the Lord of the Storm was discovered, suspected to be a legacy of a member of the Rose of Redemption. Well, the Red Angel Medici is one of the founders of the Rose of Redemption.” Klein sat on the high-backed chair belonging to “The Fool”, quietly. He looked at the crimson star representing “The Hanged Man”.
With the help of the other party’s feedback, he could basically confirm that it was the “Red Angel” evil spirit that possessed Inz Zangwill.
In the eternal silence, Klein sat silently at the top of the mottled long table, as if he had turned into a statue of a god.
After an unknown amount of time, he nodded invisibly and exhaled slowly.
His figure then disappeared and returned to the real world, continuing his deep sleep without thinking about any plans or anything related to Ins Zangwill.
As soon as dawn came, Klein rolled out of bed, repeated his habitual actions of the past few days, walked barefoot to the window, and opened the curtain.
On the street outside the hotel, Daniz, dressed as a native of West Balam but with an extra cloak, put the iron-black gloves into his arms and hurried toward the square on the right. According to his previous report, Klein knew that he Today we need to contact some people in the local ruling forces to understand their attitude towards the arms trade.
Anderson did not follow. He messed up his three-quarter-length blond hair a little more. He walked slowly to the edge of the square, found a seat and sat down. Then he covered the black glove on his left palm with a funny rag doll, for the passing people. People performed hand puppet shows.
One person and one “puppet” have different voices, witty remarks, and mockery of each other, which is quite eye-catching.
The only problem is that they use Intis language instead of Dutan language. Few people ca