ally didn’t expect that Bai Mao could recognize 70% of the characters.”

Wang Xuan secretly thought, if he, the leader, really wanted to go over and study together, wouldn’t the secret be exposed on the spot? He didn’t recognize those ghost drawing symbols.
“What is recorded on the metal inscription may not be historical facts. Some of it may be some kind of speculation. Unfortunately, Vero does not know all of it. It should be a product left over from an extremely glorious period.”
According to what was said above, there should be more than one extraordinary center. In a certain era of chaos, the extraordinary center roared violently when it moved. During the period when the relevant area was supposed to be eternally silent and cooling down, the mysterious factor actually boiled, completely contrary to common sense.
At that time, some supreme beings saw that at the end of the infinite deep space, in the inaccessible area, there seemed to be another mythical center flashing past, wiping away from the land of eternal silence and entering the endless darkness.
Wang Xuan frowned and said: “Are you sure that Vero’s deciphering was not wrong? Or, what the extraordinary people saw back then was actually just the cosmic landmass full of strong radiation energy in the Land of Eternal Silence?”
If this thing comes true, the impact will be immeasurable.
“As for the text on the metal tablet, there is no problem in deciphering it. Vero is very confident.” Lu Po responded in a positive tone.
He continued: “It is not the other side full of strong radiation, because at that time, there is still doubt whether a piece of the real place has fallen and formed the other side of the universe.”
The Verro people studied it carefully and analyzed it together to confirm that the ancients did not lie. At that time, when the extraordinary center was migrating and replacing the new universe, a small group of supreme beings really saw another extraordinary center crossing the void, watching them from a distance, and flying by.
Wang Xuan pondered, this was subversive information, the extraordinary center was not the only one, it took him a long time to digest it.
Not only that, there is some speculation on the metal tablet that if there are other extraordinary centers, the total number will not exceed 6.
Wang Xuan was particularly sensitive to the number 6 and frowned upon hearing it.
Lu Po said: “This is indeed what the metal inscription says. If it is wrong, it can only be said that there was an error in Vero’s deciphering.”
“There are no more than 6 extraordinary centers. Is this conclusion reliable? Why do they never meet?” Wang Xuan asked.
Lu Po told: “That is a conclusion reached by many supreme beings after careful analysis and deduction from a period that cannot be traced back to the early years of the gods. The process is even recorded on the metal tablet. However, we cannot understand it, except for the words I don’t understand the obstacles and the use of special symbols at all.”
/Wang Xuan was surprised and said: “I ad