is so strong, I haven’t learned it yet!” Zhou Dongdong enviously waved the fairy wand in his hand.

Zhu Juntang waved his hand and took out another fairy stick, “Dong Dong, you can take another one and give it to your friends in school. Our fairy team needs to grow.”
Zhu Juntang decided to give one to Shangguan Dandan. You must know that even Zhu Juntang has to admit that Shangguan Dandan has stronger magic power.
Zhou Shuling also took one and shook it in her hand. She didn’t want it, but she could play with it.
“Where did you learn your spell?” Liu Changan pointed to his side and asked the bouncing Zhu Juntang to sit down.
“Do you want me to teach you?” Zhu Juntang took out another fairy stick.
“No, just tell me where you learned the spell.”
“Then you hold the fairy wand, or I won’t tell you.”
Liu Changan touched the car window and wondered which one was harder, the bulletproof glass window or Zhu Juntang’s head.
He still took it and touched the diamond on the fairy wand. The naked eye could only tell that it was a diamond, but it was impossible to tell whether it was a natural diamond or an artificial diamond.
However, artificial diamonds and imitation diamonds are not the same concept. Artificial diamonds are diamonds, but imitation diamonds are fakes.
“Jin Xiaomei and I are together.” Zhu Juntang showed Liu Changan his cell phone. It was a text message sent to her by Jin Xiaomei. It contained the spell that Zhu Juntang recited just now.
/“Where did Jin Xiaomei learn it?” Liu Changan asked inquiringly.
Zhu Juntang felt something was wrong, because Liu Changan had paid a huge price. He would rather hold the fairy stick that symbolized the fairy to know the answer, but he still dug deeper so persistently.
“Does this spell really have magical power?” Zhu Juntang looked at Zhou Dongdong who was shouting and chanting, and asked in a low voice.
“Oh, this is a spell that was circulated in ancient times to kill dragons.” Liu Changan said. He had a headache when he heard the spell. It was not that the spell was actually effective, but that Zhu Juntang was reciting it.
If this were in the feudal era, when he was still the emperor, even if the prince below was chanting the dragon-slaying spell, he would depose the prince and wash away the imperial city with blood.
Liu Che did this back then.
“Then I won’t read it anymore. I quite like dragons.” Zhu Juntang said, leaning on Liu Changan’s shoulder.
“Oh? Why?” Could it be that the black-hearted cotton-padded jacket finally had the holes patched up and stopped leaking?
/“Because I am a fairy, the best mount for me to travel the universe in the future is a dragon. I want to ride a dragon, and I want to hold its horns. Didn’t you notice? Dragons have horns, so they can be used as mounts for fairies.” Zhu Juntang He climbed onto the sofa, stood behind Liu Changan, grabbed a handful of hair with one hand, and demonstrated, “That’s it.”
Liu Changan smiled and hugged Zhu Juntang with his backhand, and said to Zhou Shuling and Zhou Dongdong, “She and I will go insid