spies for him.”

The goddess suddenly realized and said with a smile: “Although I can’t be counted as the Immortal Master, I can be counted as the Yuanjun. The purpose of Yuanjun’s trip is to counter the rebellion and build momentum for himself. Now that the Immortal Emperor is not in the Immortal Courtyard, she is still determined to be emperor. Heart, I want to be an empress.”
Being emperor is no child’s play.
If you want to be an emperor, you must first have the prestige of being an emperor.
For example, when Xu Ying proclaimed himself emperor at this time, no one paid any attention to him. He just talked to himself and raised a banner to proclaim himself emperor. In the end, he was annihilated and became a laughing stock.
It was only natural that the Supreme Immortal Emperor should inherit the throne. He was a disciple of the late Emperor Qingxuan, and he was a disciple of a famous family. He also fought with Qingxuan back then and made great contributions to the Immortal Court, which was quite prestigious. Coupled with the recommendation of other people who followed Qingxuan to conquer the world, all parties compromised and everyone wanted him to succeed, so that he could inherit the throne.
/The people who conquered the world with Qing Xuan back then were justified and had great prestige. However, they were killed one by one or disappeared, so it was the turn of the Supreme Immortal Emperor.
As for the Nine Heavens Emperors such as Emperor Changsheng and Emperor Qinghua, they also contributed to the opening of the Immortal Realm, but their reputations are not enough to be called Immortal Emperors. They can only have emperor titles but no real power.
Although Yuan Jun is well-known and is the leader of the female immortals, his reputation is still not as good as that of the Supreme Immortal Emperor. If he forcibly proclaims himself emperor, a group of people will definitely attack him. Therefore, she must prepare some credit for herself.
The merger of the Yin and Yang realms was the result of her secret manipulation and ordered Master Yuhu to do it. Yuanjun has been planning for today for more than 60,000 years, and now is the moment of harvest.
Xu Jing said: “Thousands of realms have merged, and the people of all realms have died. Now the underworld has also merged with the Yang world, creating a situation where it is difficult to separate the Yin and Yang realms. Every night, lonely ghosts sing and dance in the Yang world, and they even harm people. She is scary, extorting tributes, and causes a lot of public resentment. If Yuanjun can really pacify the underworld and manage the underworld in an orderly manner, her prestige will definitely increase greatly. All the living beings in the earthly and immortal world will think of her good, and the prestige of becoming emperor That’s it.”
Lan Suying said: “Her goal is not only the underworld of the heavens and the world, but also the underworld of the immortal world and the underworld of the ancestral court. She plans to replace the gods with immortals,