stion marks floated across Zhu Xiushi’s forehead. He thought about it and found no answer. He tilted his head and looked at Lu Bei.

“This sect leader secretly tells you a piece of news. Currently, only you know it, and everyone else is still in the dark.”
/Lu Bei leaned closer and whispered: “Not only the Immortal Seal, but also the news that the Purple Sky Pagoda and the Xuanzhu Bow are in the hands of this sect leader, the Xiongchu Gu family also knows about it and even saw it with their own eyes.”
Zhu Xiushi stood up suddenly and hit Lu Bei’s chin with his forehead, which made his eyes red from the pain.
/She didn’t care much, and said with a smile: “I understand, the reason why you came back in peace and harmony is because everyone you saw is dead, right?”
Lu Bei curled his lips, Zhao Wuyou was like this, Zhu Xiushi was like this too, all of them misunderstood him.
Zhu Xiushi gritted his teeth, grabbed Lu Bei’s arm, and used his backhand to create a seal.
The effect is remarkable.
Lu Bei practiced Buddhist techniques, and his strength attribute exceeded the astonishing 400,000 mark. After struggling a few times, he was unable to escape.
“Hey, I don’t believe it!”
Lu Bei was unwilling to be restrained and continued to struggle under Zhu Xiushi’s disdainful gaze.
“Okay, if you don’t say anything, I’ll leave.”
“This means that all the witnesses of the Gu family are alive, but an extraterrestrial demon died.”
“Extraterritorial Demon”
Zhu Xiushi’s heart was filled with gloom and an ominous premonition.
“Well, the blood curse of the Gu family has been lifted.”
Lu Bei raised his eyebrows and said sternly: “Yes, I did it!”
After that, he abbreviated a lot of the plot and explained the causes and consequences of the Xianfu Continent in a few hundred words, indicating that he and Xiongchu were in their honeymoon period. If Wu Zhou did not reduce taxes for the Tianjian Sect, he would move to Xiongchu and several members of the Gu family. The princess had a good time.
Zhu Xiushi stood there as if he was lost, his arms unable to loosen the seal, and he stumbled back to his original position, thinking about the undoing of the curse of the Gu family’s bloodline.
He was so frightened that if he hadn’t pressed his hands on the edge of the table, he would have fallen to the ground.
“It’s okay, don’t faint. This is the Tianjian Sect and the backyard of our sect master. If you fall down, you won’t see the light of day again for three to five years.” Lu Bei hurriedly advised.
“Hiss, hiss”
The blatant threat made Zhu Xiushi stop feeling sleepy immediately. When she came to her senses, she looked sad and angry and grabbed Lu Bei’s hand: “It’s the Zhu family that feels sorry for you, or the Gu family that gave you too much. How can you be so partial to them!”
After saying that, he beat his chest and beat his feet, and was so anxious that tears came out.
Wu Zhou and Xiong Chu have been friends for many years. Not only are they brothers in distress, but they have always been suppressed by Xuan Lon