ht against two humans. Although they were severely suppressed, as time went by, relying on the powerful body of the real dragon, they could always wear down the opponent to the point of losing all strength and eventually kill them.

But now that he was better, Ao Yan’s transformation was over and he actually rushed towards him. This change in strength was huge.
The most important thing is that Ao Wang is simply a pig!
As soon as he came over, he was restrained by the opponent, and his strength was completely unable to be used.
In other words, I now need to deal with two enemies who are no weaker than myself!
#%@%! *&%@
Ao Moang didn’t know how to scold her at this moment.
But its reaction was not slow at all. With a flick of its huge dragon tail, a huge wave rushed out, forcing Zhao Yun to drive his horse to dodge.
After forcing Zhao Yun back, Ao Moang continued to fight, turned around and plunged into the huge whirlpool.
Seeing that the black dragon was about to escape, Zhao Yun grabbed a short spear with his right hand and threw it towards the fleeing black dragon.
The short spear turned into a giant snake head and chased after him.
Unfortunately, Aomoang’s escape speed was too fast. In the blink of an eye, he plunged into the huge whirlpool and disappeared.
At the same time, this huge whirlpool seemed to have lost its power. When the giant snake head caught up, the huge whirlpool immediately collapsed, made a few waves, and then disappeared.
Wei Xiaobei was a little surprised, but the next moment, Wei Xiaobei felt the gun move. He turned around and saw that the white dragon was risking his life at this time, and he didn’t care about the pain in his throat. With a strong pull, the fishhook was pulled away. Blood spurted out of his mouth and he ran away in the direction he came from.
This guy actually escaped too?
Wei Xiaobei shook the big gun lightly, and the fishing line tied to it shrank rapidly, turning into a ball in the blink of an eye. There was actually a large piece of flesh and blood on the fishhook, but it was the white dragon that broke free from the fishhook. At that time, the part torn from the throat was enough to weigh several heads.
/Such an injury would undoubtedly be fatal to ordinary humans, but for the white dragon, it probably wouldn’t take long for him to recover.
We can’t let it escape easily like this.
Wei Xiaobei put the fishing line and the white dragon’s throat meat into the storage ring. With a thought, the ink gun in his hand changed rapidly.
When the big gun turned into a big bow, Wei Xiaobei took out the three armor-piercing blast arrows from the storage ring.
Three armor-piercing blast arrows were placed on the bowstring. He drew the bow to guide the arrows. With a slight aim, the three armor-piercing blast arrows immediately broke through the air, turned into three streaks of light, and flew out.
The white dragon had already escaped until only a small speck remained.
But it never expected that it had escaped so far. At this time, some warning signs jumped o