nd slowly split apart and turned into several huge charcoal blocks still floating on the sea.

Finally, the corpse of this old turtle demon was broken into pieces!
Jiao Li suddenly felt refreshed physically and mentally. He had never forgotten the humiliation that the turtle demon king had brought to him before.
It is precisely because of this that it takes the risk to return to check the situation.
That’s it!
/The opportunity has come!
Wei Xiaobei saw that Jiao Li’s body relaxed obviously. Knowing that the opportunity was rare, he didn’t hesitate at all. He kicked off his legs, then rose into the sky and rushed towards Jiao Li!
As he rushed into the sky, Wei Xiaobei grabbed a symbiosis gun from the storage ring with his right hand, shouted softly, spread out his ape arms, and threw the symbiosis gun towards Jiao Li’s abdomen!
Under the influence of Wei Xiaobei’s huge force, this symbiotic spear instantly turned into a white light. In less than half a breath, it crossed hundreds of meters and stabbed Jiao Li viciously in the abdomen!
A clear sound of impact came. The symbiotic big gun was not a good product in the first place. It was just that the symbiotic big gun produced in the old Leg Hair Gun was not very sharp or strong.
Therefore, this symbiosis gun failed to penetrate the scales on Jiao Li’s abdomen at all, and was instantly bounced away by the thick scales.
Wei Xiaobei could even see that the symbiosis gun had been permanently bent and was probably scrapped.
From this, it can also be seen that the scales of Jiao Li are probably also treasures of the level of perfect treasures.
Indeed, even if it is not a real dragon, this dragon is still a subspecies of dragon. It can be said that it is sitting on a mountain of gold. Even a piece of scale cannot be compared to it.
Of course, even if the symbiotic spear failed to break the scales, it still caused the dragon severe pain.
At this moment, Jiao Li felt like he had gotten his revenge, but he felt like someone had his anus exploded when he was having fun. This feeling made Jiao Li extremely angry, and he turned around and stared at Wei Xiaobei.
“Ant! Looking for death!”
Obviously, Jiao Li didn’t take Wei Xiaobei seriously at all. In its view, Wei Xiaobei was just a lucky human who relied on the Xuan Turtle Demon King.
/He might just need one tail to whip the opponent to death!
After tasting the benefits of tail strike, Jiao Li had the tendency to carry forward the tail strike.
Seeing Jiao Li’s extremely furious look, Wei Xiaobei knew that he had done the right thing.
In terms of speed, there was no way he could fly faster than this dragon. Therefore, if he had caused heavy damage to Jiao Li with the previous blow, then the result would be that the other party would suffer heavy damage.
He will also lose the chance to kill the dragon!
Even though the dragon was severely injured in the abdomen, it was still easy to escape.
But now, the Jiao Li was furious, a layer of white mist erupted all over his body, his tail suddenly extended,