seawater for a few minutes, the fleshy ball quickly expanded, like a balloon injected with air.

After just a few dozen breaths, the fleshy ball expanded to the size of a villa, filling up the pit left by the Blackwater Lake.
At this time, the fleshy ball stopped expanding, and fist-sized round holes appeared on its outer skin.
The round hole soon spit out some eggplant-shaped eggs. These fist-sized eggplant-shaped eggs soon broke open, and small shrimps emerged from them. These small shrimps ate all their egg shells and then grew. A foot-long prawn.
At this time, the fleshy ball spurted out some fist-sized balls. The prawns picked up some balls and quickly crawled towards the seaside.
At the same time, a meat tube protruded from the fleshy ball and spread towards the seaside.
Not to mention anything else, this series of changes alone made those scientists’ eyes widen.
Zhang Desheng’s performance was the most outstanding. His face was red and he muttered something in a low voice: “Biological civilization! This is biological civilization!”
I have to say that although scientists like Zhang Desheng are a bit older and have never read online novels, they can accurately judge the future along this path!
Indeed, Wei Xiaobei also believed that if the altar of life were developed to its extreme, it would probably become the legendary biological civilization.
Some scientists turned around and entered the laboratory at this time. When they came out, they already had various tools for sampling in their hands. Judging from their posture, they were planning to dissect all the fleshy balls!
Fortunately, Zhang Desheng’s brain didn’t heat up along with them and finally stopped them.
/In Zhang Desheng’s words, this thing has been given to us. If we want to study it, we have plenty of time, and we are not busy at this moment. It is better to keep it and see what changes will happen later.
It didn’t take long for the meat tube to grow to the seashore, and then a large amount of seawater was pumped over to supply the meat balls.
When the prawns arrived in the sea, they quickly dispersed to the nearby waters, dropped the balls, and stood guard next to them.
Some passing marine organisms became food for these prawns, causing them to further grow in size, and soon they grew to more than one meter.
After the ball guarded by the prawn was dropped, it seemed as if some switch was turned on. Then it melted and spread out on the sea. In a few breaths, dark green blankets covering hundreds of square meters were formed.
These situations were all relayed back through the drone cameras released by the scientific researchers.
/At this time, Weijia Island is experiencing the hottest weather. The blazing sunshine is shining on the sea, which can make a person lose a layer of skin in a short period of time!
But such abundant sunshine undoubtedly gave those grain blankets the opportunity to produce quickly.
In less than half an hour, finger-sized balls appeared under the grain blankets. The prawns guarding nearby quickly picked up the b