nd “Sun Brooch” above the gray mist. “Creeping Hunger” is the main force. With “Biological Toxin Bottle” and a revolver loaded with different extraordinary bullets, he still has 7 “Purification Bullets”, 13 “Demon Hunting Bullets” and 2 “Exorcism Bullets”.

Putting on his coat, Klein put the brass Azik whistle placed on the table and the wallet containing only 50 pounds in cash into the inner pocket of his clothes, and then put the silver adventurer harmonica and charms together. .
After doing all this, he touched the pistol under his arm, lightly wiped the blue cuff pin on his left wrist, buttoned the double-breasted gown, put on the half-high silk hat, and packed only a change of clothes and a small amount of daily necessities. He took his black suitcase, opened the door, walked out of the hotel, and took a carriage straight to the port area.
After waiting at Pier 6 for a while, he saw a huge sailboat slowly emerging from the distance.
Based on his limited knowledge of ships, Klein knew that a sailboat of this length was unscientific, but this did not prevent the other party from moving forward smoothly on the dark sea toward the lighthouse emitting light.
The sailing ship was getting closer and closer, and the flag gradually became clearer. The crimson but weak moonlight allowed the people in the port to see ten white stars of the same size on it, and those stars surrounded an indifferent eye without eyelashes.
“Star Admiral”
The pirates and sailors guarding the ship made sounds of surprise, and all the docks in the entire port area were filled with restlessness.
After another ten seconds, the coastal defense guns on the mountains on both sides adjusted themselves “nervously” and aimed at the huge sailing ship without any cover.
The church bells in the distance emitted melodious and ethereal bells, and the time just reached 8 o’clock.
When the tension in the port area became more and more obvious, the “Future” stopped.
A woman wearing a black classical robe appeared on the bow of the ship at some point. Her clothes were covered with different symbols and magic signs, just like a powerful wizard from ancient legends.
Under the crimson moonlight, something suddenly lit up in front of her, and a little bit of bright starlight fell, forming a long transparent bridge.
The long bridge continued to extend forward and landed on Pier 6.
/He is very impressive. He is indeed one of the seven pirate generals, and he is also a little higher level than Iceberg, Disease, and the others. “Admiral” Klein sighed and wanted to cover his face with his hands.
He didn’t want people to know that the crazy adventurer Gehrman Sparrow had cooperated with “Star Admiral” Cattleya.
At this point, I can only maintain my character first. When I finish digesting it, when I return to the Northern Continent, Gehrman Sparrow will no longer exist. Klein stepped out of the shadows, pressed the half-high silk hat on his head, and walked Smoothly walked onto the long bridge where the stars condensed.
With a solid