e tea or coffee?”

“Xibo black tea.” Klein nodded slightly, took off his hat politely, and then slowly walked to the conference room.
It wasn’t until he disappeared from the door that Angelica slowly exhaled.
The Divination Club’s meeting room is very large, almost twice the size of a classroom at Crane High School.
Usually there are only five or six members here, which seems very empty. At this time, dozens of “divineers” were sitting in twos and threes in different positions, filling most of the space at once.
Sunlight shone in from several bay windows, and members discussed in low voices, gathered around Heiners Vansant for advice, immersed themselves in exercises, tried divination, or drank coffee alone and read newspapers.
Such a scene made Klein feel like he was back in his student days on Earth, but it was more lively and noisy back then, without the tranquility.
He looked around and didn’t see the two acquaintances Glacis and Edward Steve, so he randomly picked up the divination textbook that he shared, found a corner, and started reading leisurely.
After a while, Angelica came in with a cup of black tea and placed it on the table in front of Klein.
She was about to leave quietly when she suddenly saw Mr. Moretti take off a unique silver chain from the cuff of his left hand, with a pure citrine hanging from it.
What was he going to do? Angelica slowed down unknowingly and stared at Klein.
Holding the silver chain in his left hand, Klein dropped the citrine straight onto the cup of Xibo black tea, so that it would barely touch the surface of the liquid.
He half-closed his eyes with a calm expression, and the atmosphere around him suddenly became quiet.
/The pure citrine moved slightly, and the unique silver chain rotated clockwise.
/Seeing this scene, Angelica felt that Mr. Moretti was extremely mysterious.
“Your black tea is not bad.” Klein opened his eyes and whispered with a smile.
What he did just now was done on purpose, to show Angelica.
If you want someone to come to you for divination soon, Angelica, who is responsible for reception and recommendation, is actually a very critical factor.
Since he had to play the role of “divineer”, Klein no longer had any worries and truly devoted himself to this identity.
“Yes, Mr. Vannes is very picky about the quality of black tea.” Angelica said in a daze.
At this time, Klein took back the pendulum, wrapped it up again, then picked up the white patterned porcelain cup and saluted the other party with a smile.
Angelica returned to the reception hall and was no longer in the mood to read magazines. She sat there in a daze, not knowing what she was thinking.
It wasn’t until there was a knock on the door that she suddenly woke up. She hurriedly looked at the entrance and saw a young lady in a light blue dress.
The young lady took off her gauze hat with a pink-blue ribbon, her expression calm and melancholy.
“Good afternoon, distinguished lady, do you want to join the club or find someone to do divination?” Angelica greeted her familiarly.
“I want