s no shortage of ideas in similar areas.

He quickly restrained his divergent thinking and did a divination today to explore whether the spiritual world was dangerous.
/After receiving the revelation that it was not dangerous, Klein put on the “Black Emperor” card, naturally changed his image, and stepped into the “Gate of Summoning.”
/Entering the real world, he stuffed the few magical items he needed into his body as a precaution, and then, like last time, he sensed the spirit world with the help of meditation.
Taking a step forward and passing through the invisible curtain, Klein floated illusively.
All around him, red, yellow, blue, green and other color blocks are superimposed brightly, like the most abstract oil painting. Human concepts such as up, down, left, and right are no longer applicable here. If you try to identify direction and position in a similar way, you will definitely get lost.
Klein roamed carefully and casually, sometimes seeing a yellow sun that looked like a child’s sketch, and sometimes passing by a river that was flowing quietly but without substance.
There is also a flat woman with her upper body exposed, a moon with a smiling face, a canoe with its head and tail tilted up, a ball of thread in a mess, and a serpentine staircase leading to seven rays of pure light.
In this extremely chaotic world, except for spiritual creatures, all kinds of information exist in the form of abstract symbols. Therefore, what you can get during divination can only be revelations, which need to be interpreted by yourself.
And those symbols may come alive and become insubstantial monsters.
This is the spiritual world that cannot be understood and viewed by human common sense.
What puzzled Klein was another question. When he came in last time, he could easily spot the creatures in the spirit world. He noticed a series of creepy eyes looking at them from nowhere, like something with four heads. The headless woman, the round eyes with clear black and white, and the giant jellyfish with skulls on its tentacles were all encountered so easily.
But this time, he roamed for a long time and didn’t see a single spiritual creature. Even the indescribable figures in the distance disappeared, as if they were hidden.
It can’t be because you’re afraid of being my messenger, right? Well, my spiritual body directly enters the spirit world. The thoughts in my heart may appear due to the special intangibility here and turn into hidden symbols, so I interact with the spirit world. Klein thought about the path choice that was naturally affected, but couldn’t find the reason.
Various thoughts flashed through his mind, and his body suddenly sank and fell freely.
After falling for a while, Klein could still only see brightly superimposed color blocks and various symbols that turned into entities.
What was going on? He began to consider whether to write a letter to ask Mr. Azik, or to throw the radio transceiver above the gray fog and absorb the scent to contact the magic mirror Arrods.
While floating on his own, Klein