hen can you make clones.

Before that, David still had some things to do. His mind entered the five clones and shared the rules of the black dragon power mastered by General David’s clones through soul sharing.
At the same time, watching the battle between the black dragon Alexis and the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ on the sidelines this time gave David more insights into the rules of the black dragon’s power. These insights need to be practiced on the clone.
It didn’t take long for the four clones to master the rules of the Black Dragon’s power. The rules of the Black Dragon’s power were mastered by the clones of General David. The relevant knowledge and experience can be copied, and David’s main soul even participated in it. .
/Just a few hours later, not only the four clones mastered the rules of the black dragon’s power, but David himself also mastered the rules of the black dragon’s power.
His speed far exceeded what Black Dragon Alexis had expected before. Alexis, the Black Dragon who was lying on his shoulder, buried his head deeply under his body, not wanting to see this perverted genius. .
David’s requirements for himself were naturally far from this. He activated the ‘Thinkstorm’ talent ability and tried to use this spiritual talent ability to enhance his ability to control the black dragon’s power rules, and even the ‘speed rules’ and ‘strength rules’. Understanding of basic rules.
/During the time when he gained the talent of ‘Thinkstorm’, he had a feeling that Director Hench had taken the wrong path.
Of course, this is somewhat inaccurate. No matter what, Director Hengqi has achieved something that even the gods cannot achieve. He has cloned a god-level life. Although there are still soul problems, this achievement is better than any god’s research on life. must be more radical.
David looked at the problem from another angle. In his opinion, the research path taken by Director Hench had lost the ability to protect himself. He didn’t even have the ability to protect himself, so what if the research was strong?
The innate ability of ‘Thinkstorm’ has many uses. It is very effective when used in scientific and technological research. It is also very effective in understanding deep power.
As for the issue of consumption, David has nothing to do at the moment. He decided to formally retreat and leave a Templar clone on the surface of Garmis to handle affairs. The main body and four clone clones stayed in underground retreat.
In David’s opinion, stimulating the ‘Thinkstorm’ talent ability every day and improving his understanding of the rules is more important than re-cloning three clones.
David made plans for the next long period of time, but another clone of him on the Guardian Star was walking into the banquet hall.
For this celebration banquet, David put on the uniform of a lieutenant general. The exaggerated military uniform complemented the rank of lieutenant general and formed a strong contrast with his young and excessive appearance.
The celebration banquet was held in a building that di