anything to the demigod.

Demigods can stay at the highest level of the main world and then become gods. Even the weakest gods will be affected by the rules of the main world and will be strongly suppressed in the main world.
Therefore, gods will create their own small world, place themselves in the small world, and influence the main world through various means.
/The five gods belonging to the Great World of Elephant God can exert the power of the gods on the main world through temples scattered throughout the world, through divine messengers, and through movable artifacts.
The rest of the gods are even more difficult. Even if the God of Death wakes up, the impact it can have on the main world is limited.
Demigods already possess some of the strength of gods, but they can use their bodies to walk in the main world without being bound by the rules of the main world.
This strength is almost the most powerful existence in the main world. It is also the reason why the five major gods in the divine world have never wanted to have legendary knights. Once the legendary knights own the domain and become demigods, they will threaten the five major gods. The status quo of God’s invincibility in the world.
Of course, so many people’s dream is to become gods, and even demigods also want to become gods. Gods naturally have their own unparalleled benefits.
The gods have endless lives, which not even the giant dragon clan can compare with. The giant dragons of the giant dragon clan will increase their lifespan as their strength increases again and again, but they cannot achieve permanent life.
Only gods can have endless life, provided that faith is immortal, which is also the weakness of gods.
But this alone can make any creature crazy, not to mention the terrifying power of gods.
The gods mentioned here refer to the gods who believe in becoming gods, and those who rely on themselves to become gods are not included in this category.
Take the black dragon Alexis, for example. He is also a god, but he is a god recognized by the world of gods.
Even the Zerg god-level, due to the combination of belief in becoming a god and his own strength, can also use his body to move freely in the Zerg world. Only when entering other worlds will there be strong suppression. The world’s god-level rejection.
David is special. First of all, he is still young. Even the combined age of his two lifetimes is not enough to make him fear death.
Secondly, his battle angel skeleton provides him with a steady stream of ‘immortal vitality’. With ‘immortal vitality’, his life will always remain young. As long as he is not killed, immortality is not a possibility for him. question.
/That’s why David can calmly face the temptation of becoming a demigod. He can consider becoming a stronger demigod instead of using the “blade field” he got randomly for promotion.
“It’s a pity that I couldn’t get the inheritance of faith this time. It seems that I still have to find the sleeping evil god!” David said with a long sigh.
David was a little worried about